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Gato Patatús Replies 1

Posted by Dr Popet on Apr 15, 2018

I finally made it, a puppet web series with a cat.The idea of the show is to watch the cat educating his human, we have 3  chapters already. I'm so pleased with the result.So fun to make!

Pavlov's Dog Sale 20% Replies 5

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 13, 2018

Pavlov's is currently having a sale (20% off) on all dog puppets until the 20th of April. planned on buying 4 dogs at the end of this year, but with this…

Sleeve Puppets... sorta Replies 4

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 12, 2018

I purchased 12 Peepers from Axtell when I ordered Behemoth to use as filler background characters.  I then decided to use them as technical crew members; thinking that the guy in charge of…

Kuroko Puppet Show? Replies 5

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 10, 2018

Anybody have experience doing Kuroko? Will a black background and black body suit suffice? I assume lighting will be critical but has anyone done a live show in this style?

Puppets performing Magic Replies 5

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 09, 2018

I've been reviewing past posts and found a few threads about magician puppets and what tricks could they perform.  I plan on having Sam Wilkes perform magic and mind reading (Mentalism)…

Evolution brought me here :) Replies 4

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 09, 2018

My name is Brian Douglas. I'm a Government Contractor working in the Middle East.  I also perform magic.  Entertainment has several types of media.  Below I'll briefly…

More features or leave alone? Replies 2

Posted by TygerMin on Apr 04, 2018

Working on my main puppet who will be learning about aquariums and fish on YouTube and I am at the phase where I can't determine whether to leave him alone or to add things.  More…

Help building a unique little puppet. Replies 2

Posted by faytdarkblade on Apr 02, 2018

Hello, so I've been looking all over the internet because I need some help or ideas how to bring to life a character of mine I've been dying to turn into a puppet. My biggest concern is his…

Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? Replies 6

Posted by DrPuppet on Apr 02, 2018

Been ages since I've been here I am sorry to say. So whats everyone up to? What cool things have you been making!

New Website! Replies 3

Posted by Franklin on Apr 01, 2018

Labor of Love part 1 in the can! Finally got my website up and now let the branding begin. FYI before hand should anyone want to check it out, it's not entirely complete, a lot of temp videos…

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