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New Year New Blog Replies 0

Posted by Franklin on Dec 30, 2018

The blog on my website is starting to take off. My latest blog really isn't about puppetry specifically, but with 2019 literally days away, I wanted to write something that helps puppet directors…

Super Simple Puppets Video Replies 6

Posted by Gail on Jul 03, 2018

I found some U-Tube videos of children songs that are so adorable. "Super Simple Songs". They feature some songs with rod arm puppets that are so cute, they called them Super Simple Puppets.…

Marionette documentary Replies 2

Posted by Sandra on May 12, 2018

Hi gang, I have just finished watching this documentary on Frank Mumford, a 94 year old marionette maker and performer, and I must say that the historical footage is a pure joy to watch. It this has…

music video Replies 1

Posted by zooooom on Mar 02, 2018

Hi to all  Some time ago I've built 6 marionettes for the music video , two of them are portraits . Please take a look ( marionettes will appear somewhere in the middle )

Captain Vernon Is Funny Toy Sharing Pirate Puppet Who Teaches With Toys! Replies 0

Posted by Captain Vernon on Aug 08, 2017

Click To See The Captain Share His New Rusty Rivets Toy Collection!

Arlo: Video Game Critic Puppet Replies 4

Posted by Harley on Aug 05, 2017

I discovered, a couple years ago, a youtube puppet that reviews video games, named Arlo! The persona is never broken, either!

A short clip of my St George and the Dragon show Replies 4

Posted by paul spence on May 02, 2017

Hope you enjoy it, Paul.

2017 March, is your website alive? Replies 3

Posted by petriknz on Mar 20, 2017

Trying to find information on puppet building I am finding a lot of links to websites seem to be long dead. Do you have a website/Facebook page/Instagram/Pinterest that's full of how to's…

I just thought this was so funny Replies 3

Posted by The Director on Feb 11, 2017

Christmas TV Ads Replies 4

Posted by David on Dec 06, 2016

I'm not sure how often I'll end up adding to this this Christmas but I did see this one ad which was nice:Enjoy!

A new blog Replies 8

Posted by PuppetsMagic on Nov 28, 2016

Greetings from Puppets Magic Studio! We recently set up a blog on our website which some of you may be interested in - you can take a look at it here:Puppets Magic Studio Blog.One of our latest…

Video of our adventure with outfront puppetry Replies 1

Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 23, 2016

Hello everyone  It's been awhile and I hope you're all doing well. I've been very busy this year with staging our newest production, a musical adaptation of R.C. Sproul's,…

The Furchester Hotel Replies 1

Posted by David on May 23, 2016

Morning, hope you all had a good weekend.Another one from me, and this time because my son absolutely loves this programme and I will admit someone else does too....The Furchester Hotel is a BBC…

Siri and Cookie Monster (Apple iPhone ad) Replies 5

Posted by David on Apr 07, 2016

This hilarious ad featuring Cookie Monster showed up not too long ago:and now a cute little "Behind the Scenes" video of them shooting it:Interesting to note is how Cookie Monster's…

Professional Dog Marionet Dodger Disney still for sale Replies 1

Posted by Puppetdog on Mar 15, 2016

Hi,I'm selling a professional, handmade marionette, because I need money for my family. The puppet is handmade by Brigitte Schneider, a real artist!…

A Puppet Builder form by Luna Puppets Replies 2

Posted by David on Feb 23, 2016 this was quite cool, much like the build a muppet facility, but this independent person does one too. Quickly gets expensive though and animatronic…

Wacky Races - Muttley puppet? Replies 0

Posted by David on Feb 02, 2016

Wacky Races get a real life interpretation in this awesome Peugeot ad.I'm pretty sure thats a Muttley puppet at the end?

Is this one of our own? Surprise Puppet Proposal Replies 4

Posted by David on Jan 29, 2016

Adam Savage Makes a Puppet! Replies 9

Posted by David on Jan 29, 2016

Rick Lyon and other possible Avenue Q alumni help Adam Savage (I only know him from Mythbusters, not been a follower of his since that show ended airing here in the UK) build a puppet!Not bad.

A talking Super Nintendo! Replies 0

Posted by BizSnes on Jan 29, 2016

Hey Guys, I'm doing something pretty different. I've turned a super nintendo into a puppet and I stream video games using it. It has been so much fun getting to know and love this guy.…

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