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One of my first foam puppets Replies 3

Posted by cyborgparanoia on Mar 20, 2018

This is Melancholy. But I call her Mel fort short.She is made of foam and fleece. Along with a few small accessories from the dollar store around Halloween.I was thinking to use her for ventriloquism.…

Mitch the Dragon- Twitter and Most recently, Stardust! Replies 0

Posted by Harley on Mar 10, 2018

So, a while back I posted about my Mitch the Dragon character that I made a Twitter for. Well, now I've got myself a Stardust for the character and he seems to already be getting many followers!…

Kitty and the Questions Replies 4

Posted by Kitty and the Questions on Jan 28, 2018

I am excited to share my puppet project with you all! I am creating a show on YouTube and also livestreaming behind-the-scenes on Twitch. I'd love to get feedback from fellow puppeteers! Thank…

Skin Tone Fleece Replies 6

Posted by Floydaroo on Jan 08, 2018

I'm currently working on a commissioned portrait puppet. I am planning on using alpine fleece or anti-pill fleece for the skin. anyone know of a good skin tone fleece that I can use? Also, which…

Howie the the traveling Yowie Replies 2

Posted by Franklin on Jan 03, 2018

Yes he is a yeti, but was adopted by some traveling Yowies from Australia. For a few years now I have been using tools such as my laser engraver to create, so I challenged myself to go old-school with…

First furry monster Replies 7

Posted by gil1102 on Nov 03, 2017

First time making a furry monster glove puppet. Arms are done, Still working on the body. 

Eight Balls of Fur! Replies 73

Posted by 8BallsofFur on Oct 03, 2017

Hi! So, I'm taking this puppetry class, and for a finals project we were building some Sesame street type puppets. So, I decided I wanted to make the furballs from the song Eight Balls of Fur.…

Mitch the Dragon- Puppet Twitter Replies 5

Posted by Harley on Sep 11, 2017

I've decided to start a Twitter for a puppet character that I've started named Mitch the Dragon. I'm planning to use a personality building technique by creating the character before I…

Crash Popets #2 Replies 4

Posted by Dr Popet on Sep 10, 2017

More fun with this little characters[noembed]]

Puppet Ministry Replies 1

Posted by Harley on Aug 03, 2017

At a local Lutheran church, I plan to start a puppet team. We're considering to start with a puppet play about Martin Luther. Does anyone have any good ideas for places to get puppets that are…


Posted by Dr Popet on Aug 02, 2017

Hi, I started a projects this last Saturday (my birthday) with my son and friends, I call them "Crash Popets". Rod puppets made of cardboard, I needed to make very fast puppets that my son…

Chickens and Turkey. Replies 3

Posted by pagestep007 on Jun 20, 2017

Hi all, I hope all your projects are coming on well and you are having fun doing them. I was just processing some video footage and came across this, reminding me  of  three chickens and a…

Rod Puppet Project Replies 1

Posted by SandPunk on May 09, 2017

I knowI know...I haven't even finished the first two projects.However. I got the hankering to experiment with some basic mechanics.

Star Wars and Star Trek Replies 8

Posted by DrPuppet on May 06, 2017

So the past year or so I've been working on a Doctor Who Series. I've been designing and building recently to start a Star Trek series and a Star Wars series. I'll post some photos…

New Project Replies 1

Posted by MrGreen23 on May 04, 2017

I'm finally settling in after the wedding, the move into the new house, and finally have a craft area of my own. Time for a new project! No name yet, but the concept is a super fan that I can…

New WIP dragon foam Puppet Replies 8

Posted by CraftmamaNL on Apr 24, 2017

This is the first time i am sculpting from foam and will not be covering my puppet with fleece, but with a silicone skin, to make my dragon feel more snake like.She will be blue, with some green and…

Live Puppet Surgery Replies 1

Posted by Ryan Weaver on Mar 03, 2017

I'll be working over the next hour or two to remove the head of a puppet and replace a corrugated plastic mouth-plate with rubber, and then replacing the head.  I'll be streaming this…

Sock Creatures! Replies 16

Posted by SandPunk on Feb 07, 2017

We got invited to a birthday party for a friend's daughter.So, my wife and I made her some sock puppets!And here they are on my huge hands:

My First Puppet Build Replies 9

Posted by MrGreen23 on Feb 01, 2017

I posted an introduction since I'm is my first build.I used a pattern for the foam skull that I found through Google searches galore. Not sure who to credit but I think it had…

YouTube Puppet Series Replies 2

Posted by puppetmasterscomedy on Jan 24, 2017

Posted by: pagestep007 on Jan 24, 2017..That was a twist...How do you keep track of all this when you write it? I think windows media maker will let you do overlays, so you can do the voice bubbles…

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