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Puppet Photos Replies 7

Posted by Anton's Angels on Feb 10, 2015

Does anybody have any ideas on a puppet stand (pvc or otherwise) that they use to pose their puppets when taking photographs?

My last puppet Replies 14

Posted by Touchskies on Feb 03, 2015

Hi guys, here I am after few years.Just want to post few pictures of my last w.i.p. puppet.Hope you'll like it.

My new anti-bullying puppet music video for young kids. Replies 8

Posted by Paul Louis on Jan 29, 2015

Hi, all. I just wanted to share a new music video with you.  I created it with the puppet cast of my old TV show, "Jelly Bean Jungle".  The whole bullying issue is very personal to…

Mobile Puppet Transport Replies 23

Posted by TygerMin on Jan 09, 2015

One month from Comic Con and I am planning on taking some live hand puppets.  So now it is time to build something to hide myself from the crowd.  This halloween costume made the rounds…

Bounty Hunter Replies 9

Posted by Krafty Karacters on Jan 06, 2015

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my latest build...

Doing a puppet video every day, using a fortune telling character. Replies 12

Posted by mrbumblepants on Jan 01, 2015

I'm starting a small daily show on my channel. I won't post every video I do here, but I will post when I change something significantly. I'm definitely looking for feedback - good or…

My First Build Replies 6

Posted by anderson_j on Dec 29, 2014

After many years dreaming about building puppets, my wife decided this Christmas to set me up with everything I would need to build a puppet I had sketched out a few months ago. I'm using the…

My latest puppet Replies 14

Posted by Anton's Angels on Nov 26, 2014

This is my latest puppet: ReganCreated for a cabaret parody of 'The Exorcist' movie.This was my first try at wool hair wefting.QUESTION:Has anyone had any experience in styling wool hair…

Inspiration From everyone at P&S Replies 24

Posted by melaine9 on Nov 18, 2014

I started again on the Nosy Neighbor puppet. What do You think?  

an ill fitting jaw Replies 50

Posted by mkshatto on Nov 07, 2014

I am making my first puppet.  It is great fun, painfully slow with lots of adjustments along the way, and there are tiny bits of foam everywhere!  Apart from having a very short time frame…

Building a clay sculpture to make a silicone mold from. Replies 8

Posted by Mr.Kevin on Oct 12, 2014

Making a mold so I can use some two-part flexible expanding foam for my next puppet.

3 Days Remaining for a 35th Anniversary Show To Be Funded!! Replies 3

Posted by NorwichPuppetTheatre on Oct 06, 2014

Hey PuppetsAndStuff!  Just three days remain until Norwich Puppet Theatre's Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to help put on our spectacular Christmas show Beauty and the Beast to…

Weegie Puppts Puppet Making Blog Replies 4

Posted by kirstycrrr on Oct 01, 2014

hello,I just wanted to share my latest puppet making blog post.there's also a video that goes along with it dancing puppet videodancing puppet blog

Norwich Puppet Theatre Needs YOU! Replies 1

Posted by NorwichPuppetTheatre on Sep 09, 2014

Hi guys!My name is Sam - I am posting here on your lovely forum today on behalf of the Norwich Puppet Theatre. The Norwich Puppet Theatre is one of just a handful of dedicated puppetry centres in the…

School Puppet Replies 46

Posted by JonathanB on Aug 25, 2014

Hi folks, I'm new to all this, but thought I'd join up as I've started making a Puppet for my wife who is a Primary school teacher and finds puppets quite useful in her teaching. She…

Puppet Nerd Replies 8

Posted by Brunokids on Aug 08, 2014

Hello everyone I did this nerd puppet from a sketch I did months ago ... so I I decided to make it out of paper and bring it shaped a puppet. It was really fun to build this puppet. His body I was…

Snake Puppet Replies 15

Posted by Brunokids on Aug 05, 2014

Hello all I made this puppet snake to a customer who will be using in a play. I'm posting photos of her progress to the final result. I built the head starting from a head of a stuffed alligator.…

Puppets for Crypticon KC 2014 Replies 5

Posted by ArthurS on Aug 05, 2014

I'm heading to Crypticon KC in a week and a half with 35-40 puppets.  here are a few of the new ones.            And one not for Crypticon but built for a…

Puppet Webseries... Replies 50

Posted by Brooksy on Aug 04, 2014

Well, been lurking for a while.  Taking in and learning.  Also, been working on a puppet webseries for the better part of a year.  Come August 11th it finally goes live.  The…

New project puppet puppet..... Replies 6

Posted by Mujician on Aug 03, 2014

I'm just having a look at the project puppet patterns and the basic materials list. I've tried a quick google but most of these things seem to be listed in america which isn't much use…

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