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We R Animals! An r-rated film with animatronic hand puppets. Replies 3

Posted by flashthecat on Jul 22, 2014

Recently made a short film with puppets I thought you all would enjoy Replies 2

Posted by dylan7 on Jul 08, 2014

Hi I have been making puppet films for a few years now and this is the newest one. I figured this might be something all of you would be into. The film is about the worlds greatest chef, Monseiur…

HELP! I need to build Mick Jagger Lips Replies 1

Posted by PoorFishy on Jul 07, 2014

I've been asked to build a Rolling Stones/Mick Jagger-like lip puppet.  Just the lips, which can be worn about the waist sort of like a talking belt.  And the customer has asked if…

Blinking Eyes with littleBits Servo Replies 5

Posted by jeffbragg on Jul 05, 2014

Hi folks. Here's link to a short video of my littleBits based, self-contained, pressure,sensor-controlled eye blink mechanism designed to fit a puppet head. The ring finger triggers the…

EARTH BEASTS AWAKEN PART 2 IS FINISHED (lots of monster puppets) Replies 9

Posted by historianhimself on Jul 05, 2014

hi monsters. i finally finished this video. some of you may remember me posting the last one in the series on here a while back, as well as a bit of behind the scenes material. anyway, it's…

a few projects Replies 13

Posted by zooooom on Jun 28, 2014

some of my recent projects Cosplaying costume Replies 19

Posted by TygerMin on Jun 27, 2014

In the middle of my deliberating a costume for October's convention, they announced a free 1 day con in August.  Can't go without dressing up :D  So, I settled on Fozzie Bear…

Dempsters Food Puppet Commercial Replies 3

Posted by Andrew on Jun 23, 2014

Hi all,I recently worked on this in Toronto and wanted to share it with's an ad for Dempsters Tortillas. Almost all of the food in it was shot as puppets on rods and simple rod rigs I…

Help: camel puppet head Replies 12

Posted by dermar on Jun 23, 2014

HelloFirst of all, English is not my native language, so I apologise for the mistakes.I'm a young woman who gives summeractivities for young children. For this I want to make hand puppet in the…

Hippo Puppet Replies 16

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jun 17, 2014

I just finished a non blacklight custom hippo puppets.Julie

New versatile vent puppet Replies 6

Posted by TeddyBear on Jun 08, 2014

Ive decided to try a new style. I want to create a puppet that can be used as a ventriloquism dummy without venturing outside my preference of foam and fabric (I've tried a traditional vent.…

Antron by the bolt? Replies 6

Posted by yalaurie on Jun 02, 2014

This might already be posted here somewhere, but I am looking to buy antron by the bolt. Georgia Stage and Hampshire Textile co. either don't have it, or I have old contact info. The number for…

I posted this in the evnts section but did not recieve much response Replies 4

Posted by boostergold on May 29, 2014

Good MorningI know every one is busy with projects and there own stuff but I need some help. I have managed to get three teams so far but they all are from Britain and for this to work I need people…

My Puppets on TV Replies 4

Posted by PoorFishy on May 22, 2014

I have some art for sale at a shop called Atomic Toybot in Toronto.  Recently the Space Channel did a spot on the shop and featured my puppets prominently.  Check it out at the link.Also,…

Can you find my puppet? Replies 8

Posted by Rhoady on May 22, 2014

So this project was inspired by the Camouflaged Swamp creature episode of the Creature Shop challenge. Initially I was going to make a plant disguised creature but opted against it for a few reasons.…


Posted by historianhimself on May 20, 2014

Hi, some of you may have seen some of my posts about making prehistoric monster puppets for an upcoming music video and I just wanted to let yall know that the trailer for the video (which is pretty…

Barkley Replies 9

Posted by TygerMin on May 18, 2014

Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know how the head is worn?

Shing Dragon Replies 6

Posted by Shunaka on May 12, 2014

Here's my latest build, 'Shing Dragon'.  He's based off the glorified sock puppet pattern (enlarged 110%).  The eyes, teeth, nose, horns and claws are made of Premo…

Ricky Replies 8

Posted by Krafty Karacters on May 11, 2014

Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to my latest build…. the inspiration and the beginnings of this puppet started as a children's fake fur jacket that I bought from a store for two…

Con Costume - Plan B Replies 24

Posted by TygerMin on May 08, 2014

With the closest parking lots to the convention being sold out meaning a 3/4 of a mile walk, and failure to measure car space, my robot costume will be put off until October.  Decided that it…

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