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Technique for making patterns. Replies 10

Posted by AWS Puppets on Apr 14, 2012

So I was watching this new series on syfy 'Monster Man' and he was constructing a giant two headed foam shark puppet. Now in order to make the pattern he covered a taxidermy shark in tinfoil…

How To: Doll Joints Replies 0

Posted by Ron Arnold on Mar 13, 2012

Here's a tutorial I just found that shows how to make doll joints. Click the picture to enlarge it. Has anyone tried something like this and how would it compare to a plastic doll joint? I think…

How to make cable controlled shoulder puppets (ie, woodbabies) Replies 34

Posted by LadyThorne on Feb 23, 2012

I found this forum due to an archived post on woodbabies.  I understand about the bicycle brake cable system, but what I cannot seem to find is diagrams of the cable set ups for things like head…

Help with moving eyes and eye lids Replies 1

Posted by phelthead on Jan 05, 2012

Hello can any of you help me figure out how to make moving eyes and how to make moving eye brows any assistance greatly appreciated.

hacer parpados fijos en un muppet Replies 7

Posted by phoenix on Oct 26, 2011

he visto muppets que lo tienen hecho parece que es la tela con gomaespuma dentro hay un compañero que lohizo para un cientifico malvado que tiene el otro ojo hecho con costuras,haber si me podian…

Seeking to know how Replies 5

Posted by Strawberry-Juice on Sep 06, 2011

Hi.I have been all over google and all over here but can't seem to find a tutorial or a video or anything on how to make a puppet...Like this Can you…

Foam Bird Puppet Pattern Replies 12

Posted by adelaide puppets on Aug 12, 2011

  I am currently making a covered cockatoo puppet with a foam base, which needs to have both a movable mouth and a movable crest. I am currently on my third foam prototype as I just cannot seem…

Simple cable puppet / woodbaby! Replies 11

Posted by AWS Puppets on Jul 06, 2011

My friend made one recently and drew up a simple diagram of how they work. It is easy and they are a lot of fun too. Here is what he came up with. Happy building!

puppet tutorial video Replies 8

Posted by TwistAndShoutBalloons on May 28, 2011

Alright, I found these the other night and wanted to post them in case anyone missed them. Easy to follow tutorial videos for making a human arm puppet. He's very cute too. The videos are all…

Controls for a Rizzo Rat type puppet. Replies 3

Posted by AWS Puppets on Apr 22, 2011

I want to make a Rizzo Rat style puppet but have no idea how they get his mouth to move. Is it some kind of trigger system? Is it easy to do?

12" Pinocchio marionette step-by-step (polymer clay ) Replies 22

Posted by zooooom on Apr 21, 2011

This marionette ( a custom order )was made of polymer clay Puppen Fimo Miniature - one of the strongest polymer clays on the market.        

Question! Replies 2

Posted by miguel on Jan 15, 2011

Hi, dear friends! I'm still around here. I got a question. What is a ergonomic mouth grip plate? How can you do this? and, Is there any tutorial for this? Could you show me how to do those?Thanks…

Sewing puppet hands Replies 23

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 12, 2010

Does anyone know of a tutorial on sewing puppet hands. I've seen many on how to prepare the foam for the hands, but not the actual sewing of the fabric (hand glove) Do most machine or hand stitch?…

Make your own styro-foam wire cutter. Replies 16

Posted by rocky on Sep 02, 2010

Warning, danger, danger... Proceed at substantial risk! Life threatening electrical levels are used in this project which can present the danger of electrocution.... If you have no experience in…

How to print your own fabric using ink jet home printer Replies 6

Posted by Nikole H. on Aug 10, 2010

I thought I would start a new thread since I changed the subject on another one that led into this PRINTING YOUR OWN FABRIC USING YOUR INK JET PRINTER AT HOME.I experimented with printing my own…

PVC Puppet Stage Replies 44

Posted by geobryan on Jul 01, 2010

I found this while I was searching around. I didn't make the tutorial but I know people who have used it and I'm planning on using it.

3D Shapes patterns Replies 7

Posted by Shawn on Jun 05, 2010

A member over at the Foam Book Community shared this link and I wanted to pass it on. are not the traditional shapes you would use in a puppet but…

More help! Replies 12

Posted by miguel on Jan 04, 2010

I wish you can help me witth this too!I want to make Elmo and Grover! But I need to know what kind (The exactly, at least the close it one) of fabric for the two(Red and blue) the eyes for both. And i…

Help! Replies 3

Posted by miguel on Jan 02, 2010

Hi, Guys! You've been so helpful to me since I start this art(I grow up a lot thanks to you).But still, a lot to learn from you guys. That's why I'm asking you for help again.This is the…

Prairie Dog Puppet Tutorial Replies 19

Posted by Jon on Dec 15, 2009

Some of you had expressed an interest in how I built the prairie dog puppet.  Just for fun I recorded video of my building one of them.  Here is the link for the first video in that…

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