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How to make a PVC puppet stand Replies 1

Posted by ZombiePencil on Dec 10, 2009

I didn't make this tutorial, but I found it while surfing around instructables. like a pretty handy thing for people with multiple puppets.

How to make a papier maché dragon Replies 8

Posted by johian on Dec 10, 2009

Hi everybody,while surfing on the net I saw this clip.Just want to  share it with you all. When trying it out... it don't go that fast!Enjoy. Johan

Wool hair for my puppet Replies 3

Posted by GertyX on Dec 08, 2009

Hiya.  I'm new to puppet making...well, I made a couple several years ago but am struggling to remember what I did.The problem is the hair. My 8 year old daughter is facinated by puppets.…

Making a sewing pattern Replies 10

Posted by CanuckAmok on Sep 25, 2009

FINALLY! I've been searching in earnest for a way to create a sewing pattern of a 3D object. Today a tutorial was posted on that shows a brilliantly simple technique for breaking…

Puppet building video Replies 5

Posted by MsPuppet on Sep 13, 2009

Don't know if this has been posted or not.

More hot wire foam cutting madness! Replies 2

Posted by CanuckAmok on Aug 26, 2009

Perhaps I have a fetish for hot wires, but I found yet another amazing DIY foam cutting project to try. This one is very work intensive, but the results should be near-perfection.CNC stands for…

Paul Louis " How to make a Girl Puppet " Replies 4

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 24, 2009

Paul Louis formerly from Expert  which is now is at it again check out some of his new videos. D.

Pretty eyes Replies 17

Posted by Magenta on Aug 03, 2009

I'm putting this tut back because it is something I still use.Hi everyone!  I figured out how to make some cool eyes and thought I would share.  I'm still quite the novice, so bear…

Naruto puppets Replies 1

Posted by Mark on Jul 20, 2009

If you guys like naruto keep an eye out for my new Naruto puppet series im gonna make on youtube.Just wait a little longer Im already making the pupppets I just have to make…

my question Replies 4

Posted by Mark on Jul 19, 2009

Has anyone on this forum bought a pattern from ? if so please tell me what materials or at least what comes in the package?

More eye methods Replies 18

Posted by VampireWombat on Jun 19, 2009

These are methods which I thought about in the past, but never have done.Method A: Step 1: Print out one of the eye patterns that I made specifically for this use.Step 1B: If you don't have a…

Making a marionette at BogTV-Puppets Live Replies 15

Posted by Shawn on Jun 04, 2009

Over at BlogTV Daryl has been hosting Puppets Live every thursday night. I've co-hosted a couple times to present "Making A Marionette".  I'll be posting extra information…

Hand punching hair Replies 16

Posted by VampireWombat on May 15, 2009

Here's my recap of my segment on how to hand punch hair.Supplies:Needle (s) - Quilting needles work great.Handle for your tool - a bit of a pen can work, polymer clay, anything you can stick the…

How To Make Oobi-Style Puppet Practice Eyes Replies 6

Posted by Andrew on May 13, 2009

I've reposted one of the most popular tutorials that was on before it was taken offline last year, How To Make Puppet Practice Eyes.Just like the title suggests, this explains…

Removable legs Replies 16

Posted by Bhanu on May 08, 2009

Hi folks,Been busy doing some modifications with my Tinku puppet. He was not a full bodied puppet. I was asked to be a narrator for a small drama session with children recently. I used Tinku to…

Making eyes using polymer clay Replies 10

Posted by VampireWombat on Apr 28, 2009

I was asked by ScubaSteve to redo my tutorial for making eyes using pictures. This seemed reasonable since I stumbled over my tongue a few times on the live feed and I'm sure the pictures were…

Fishing line vs rods Replies 3

Posted by Lorcos on Apr 17, 2009

Can any one please tell me the correct way to use fishing line instead of rods for the arms.  I watched a great video of Bill Delmar and his frog puppet. ( He does this whole show with no vent)…

Covering foam craft shapes for eyes and noses etc. Replies 5

Posted by SCUBASTEVE on Feb 16, 2009

I started covering half a foam ball (for a nose) on my first "muppet style" puppet, using the technique outlined in the famous expert village videos, the extra fabric on the back made it sit…

Making a toy theatre Replies 5

Posted by Na on Feb 12, 2009

I made a video tutorial on creating a toy theatre (mostly out of recycled materials)... Please watch it and let me know if the instructions make sense. I'm afraid I did the narration when I was…

Mouth puppet! Replies 8

Posted by miguel on Jan 27, 2009

Hi, guys!I got a question. How can attach the fabric to the head in the way I could put the fabric part of the mouth to the mouth plate(Foam head), the way look nice and clean (All around the lips…

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