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I need help!!! Replies 3

Posted by squirrely on Jul 07, 2015

I got promoted to a Bookfest and do a 30 minute puppet show.  This Sunday! July 12.  I've never done this before!  What is a good puppet show to do at a bookfest on stage? …

JD attends Fan Expo Dallas Replies 0

Posted by TygerMin on Jun 11, 2015

Mostly pictures, didn'trealize how good the sound was with no mic until I reviewed the video later.  So much noise   I think this test was sucessful.

Puppeteer or Puppeteers who learned puppetry on their own? Replies 11

Posted by squirrely on Jun 05, 2015

Like myself I've learned puppetry on my own.  By the books and watching many videos on how make puppets.  Any great puppeteers who learned on their own not by school?   …

Meet JD Replies 1

Posted by TygerMin on May 19, 2015

JD is an Otto from Lunas Puppets with added mohawk.  He will be the star in an upcoming interview based web series.

Web Series -- What do I need to know? Replies 7

Posted by TygerMin on Apr 09, 2015

Company named, DBA filed, some puppets done, waiting on title character.  Going solo, I want to make sure I am covering all my bases.  I have five interviews setup once I receive my…

Frank Oz heading to Disney World Replies 2

Posted by TygerMin on Apr 04, 2015

 Just a heads up, guest list for Star Wars Weekends was announced: Weekend V (June 12 – 14)• Frank Oz: Yoda (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Attack of the Clones; Star Wars: Revenge of…

An interesting article on busking Replies 0

Posted by Chris Arveson on Mar 23, 2015

Although the author of the article is a musician, his experience is certainly applicable to buskers of any variety, including puppetry.The Economics of Busking

Puppeteering after being sick Replies 5

Posted by mrbumblepants on Mar 12, 2015

So I got sick awhile back, recovered - and then I am now hit with a head cold and sore throat. x_x (Just in time for the early sunshine we've been blessed with in the Pacific Northwest.)I…

All the things are happening! Replies 1

Posted by mrbumblepants on Feb 23, 2015

It feels at times like I'm never gonna get back to regular puppet making, but I am hopeful it will be soon. Here's a run down of how my winter's been:- got all excited about new puppet…

Name suggestion Replies 9

Posted by TygerMin on Feb 22, 2015

I am seeking suggestions for a name for my first puppet video series.  It is described as:"JD likes to dream, but his focus always changes.  Watch every week as JD explores a variety of…

Oh dear, my brain is in danger of exploding Replies 1

Posted by milly on Jan 12, 2015

Right time to stop looking at the postings on this forum. I am getting information overload and trying to take on to many ideas at once.   Its time for bed 

I can't TAKE THE PRESSURE! Replies 2

Posted by Skitstorm on Nov 27, 2014

New vid from Skitstorm - all about keeping cool under pressure  - hope you guys like it.Feedback is always welcome, we try to get a little better with each one...

Happy Thanksgiving Puppets and Stuff Members! Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at P&S. Enjoy your time with family and friends and all the good food. 

Someones Birthday..... Replies 7

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 22, 2014

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Shawn Sorrell...Hoping you had a great day with family and friends!        


Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Nov 17, 2014

Hi All, Friend has just had his workshop in Valenica broken into last night and a couple of custom puppets have been taken. If anyone sees or hears anything. Can they please contact BJ or myself with…

Puppetry stuff in New York, dallas and/or new orleans Replies 4

Posted by kirstycrrr on Aug 17, 2014

We are going on holiday in October and we'll be visiting New York, dallas and Baton Rouge/ New Orleans. Does anyone have any recommendations of puppetry type stuff to see in or near any of these…

calling all YouTube filmmakers... Replies 12

Posted by Skitstorm on Jul 15, 2014

Hi Guys, just curious who on here is producing their own videos, with puppets, and posting them on YouTube. I know of a couple who I've met on this site already and have been very impressed.…

Illustration Replies 4

Posted by TygerMin on Jul 11, 2014

Have to give a shout out to Beatriz Vega, she did this illustration for me I am a visual person, so this will be used as I refocus TygerMin Productions to a character driven company focusing on…

Whats your dream? Replies 0

Posted by TygerMin on Jul 06, 2014

Working on a relaunch video where Tyger (well..his hat because he will be shy until he is built) will be talking about his dream of becoming a puppeteer.  The video will talk about the dream and…

new vid - Piers Morgan versus Moustache control Replies 2

Posted by Skitstorm on Jul 04, 2014

More Skitstorm nonsense that fell out of our funny hole...quick, hit it with a shovel!Feedback highly encouraged, so please don't feel shy

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