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Vent Haven ConVENTion 2019 Posted in Vent Haven ConVENTion 2019 on Jul 11, 2019
ANYONE ELSE FROM HERE, GOING? This is my first year to go. Kind of bummed that Jeff Dunham will be doing his lecture by live video feed instead of in person, but the event is going to be awesome. Using the event to officially start my Youtube channel, so hopefully I get a lot of great footage. If any of you are going, find me and say hi.
Re: Newb having issue manipulating puppet jaw Posted in Newb having issue manipulating puppet jaw on Mar 25, 2019
When I each my teams, the thing that we do every practice, is practice. I actually have a set of exercises that builds up stamina. As Shawn said, it just takes practice. Welcome to the group.
Re: Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? Posted in Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? on Dec 30, 2018
Just now building my puppet family, so next year.
Re: Are sock puppets welcome on this site? Posted in Are sock puppets welcome on this site? on Nov 03, 2018
Never forget that Kermit the Frog started off as a glorified sock puppet. Henson made him from two wool socks. Lambchop, another internationally known puppet, is also a sock puppet that, unlike Kermit, has not changed and still carries the sock-like appearance.
Reddit Anyone? Posted in Reddit Anyone? on Jul 31, 2018
Who in here gets on Reddit? I have been playing around with it lately and didn't find any subreddits that I liked because the ones I have come across seem to be more fan based rather than educational so I started one and wold like to get activity to it that would draw in newbie puppeteers and builders so that we can inspire and help the next generation of puppet professionals that may be looking for help. I wasn't for sure if I could add the link because I don't want to spam, but was just wondering if it is worth messing with or not.
Character development Posted in Character development on Jul 28, 2018
Recently did a blog post ( developing characters. This was more geared toward puppet team builders, but it got me to thinking:
As a puppet builder, when working on a puppet design, how detailed do you get with the development? Not the physical design, but like the mannerisms, quirks, etc. How much do you take into account when creating? Or do you just work with a design and not really think about the personality?
Re: Puppet Etiquette: AKA Don't touch my Puppet! Posted in Puppet Etiquette: AKA Don't touch my Puppet! on Jun 30, 2018
I work with puppet troops and push that they all develop their own characters so that the puppets don't have one character in one performance and another in a different performance, but there is still sharing that has to take place on occasion. for teaching and demonstration, have a character that you specifically allow others to mess with.
Re: Puppets performing Magic Posted in Puppets performing Magic on Apr 09, 2018
I started out in a puppet/clown team where every member was a clown and every member used puppets, but every member also had a specific concentration outside of puppets; mine was illusions. I havent done magic in years, but really need to get back into it
Re: Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? Posted in Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? on Apr 02, 2018
Just officially launched my website and youtube channel, am working on a lion puppet, blog posts and training videos. How have you been?
New Website! Posted in New Website! on Apr 01, 2018
Labor of Love part 1 in the can! Finally got my website up and now let the branding begin. FYI before hand should anyone want to check it out, it's not entirely complete, a lot of temp videos until I get the ones completed that I want to do, I should get my first blog up by April 2nd (hopefully) and it is a little on the busy side, but that is kind of my personality, so any and all feedback is awesome.
Of course I gave a big shout out and link to P&S on the home page because this site rocks so much. If you do find any broken links, etc. would love to know.