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Re: The Science of Puppetry Posted in The Science of Puppetry on Nov 04, 2019
"How does a computer work" At the start of the song, you had me. You are definitely on to something. Great concept, welcome to the group.
As for puppeteering, I noticed some flipping the lid going on,, but it is a new puppet and the design of the head may have the lower jaw a little tight which has a tendency of subconsciously making the operator flip the lid. Just remember to move your thumb and keep the top of your hand as stationary as possible and you will be fine. I can't say I noticed any other glaring issues with the performance, so if you are just starting out, you are a natural. Keep up the awesome work and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask. I have already subscribed to your channel and look forward to the new stuff.
Re: New movie review show hosted by puppets Posted in Cinegeeks - New movie review show hosted by two movie nerds. on Nov 02, 2019
great concept
Re: Hello everyone ! Posted in Hello everyone ! on Oct 22, 2019
honestly, unless you are absolutely meticulous, you aren't going to get it exact unless you cheat like I used to do and get a stuffed figure of what you are trying to recreate and just gut it and make a mouth plate for it. Just think that years from now, she is going to cherish it and brag about how you made it for her, even if it doesn't look exact. Remember to post pics when you are done.
Re: November Site Migration Posted in November Site Migration on Sep 19, 2019
I was thinking about this the other day, I was going to ask about an eta. I honeestly can't even remember the password I use lol, in reregistaring I may just go with the new email and password.
Vent Haven ConVENTion 2019 Posted in Vent Haven ConVENTion 2019 on Jul 11, 2019
ANYONE ELSE FROM HERE, GOING? This is my first year to go. Kind of bummed that Jeff Dunham will be doing his lecture by live video feed instead of in person, but the event is going to be awesome. Using the event to officially start my Youtube channel, so hopefully I get a lot of great footage. If any of you are going, find me and say hi.
Re: The Oracle Ep 13 -- Zombies Posted in The Oracle Ep 13 -- Zombies on Jul 06, 2019
Re: Oracle Ep 12 -- Wesley Posted in Oracle Ep 12 -- Wesley on Jun 29, 2019
I can definitely see the potential banter between Wes and Gus. Your character development is spot on.
Re: PUPPETEERS WANTED: Puppet Ministry tour. Posted in PUPPETEERS WANTED: Puppet Ministry tour. on Jun 13, 2019
Good luck. I know how difficult it can be to find people. Definitely want to start a training program to bring up the puppeteers instead of hunting them down. With the churches you might think about doing cost of transportation plus love offering instead of a flat fee. More often than not, you will earn more through love offering than you will with a flat fee, depending on the churches of course.
Re: (My first marionette) Sad Kitten Puppet in the Making Posted in (My first marionette) Sad Kitten Puppet in the Making on Jun 06, 2019
Re: Newb having issue manipulating puppet jaw Posted in Newb having issue manipulating puppet jaw on Mar 25, 2019
When I each my teams, the thing that we do every practice, is practice. I actually have a set of exercises that builds up stamina. As Shawn said, it just takes practice. Welcome to the group.