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Re: Marrionettes ideas? Posted in Marrionettes ideas? on Dec 27, 2014
I agree on the sound system point that chris made. I filmed 27 functions in a puppet festival in November, and the better shows definitely had a good sound. No matter how roudy  the  kids got, they could still hear, and the actors did not loose their voices, and  you can also integrate sound effects music etc into the whole thing.
Re: STOLEN PUPPETS Posted in STOLEN PUPPETS on Nov 17, 2014
oh dear, what a blow. I Hope they turn up.
Re: Still Around! Posted in Still Around! on Oct 29, 2014
Aha, that would explain the silence from your part of the world. I hope the job hunting is going well. I hope good things come with the change. Millie still manages to   perform well with the new music program. ... oh, one good thing for us is, now you have a wizzy computer you can do more shows with Patsy! Blessings to you.
Re: Where do your ideas come from? Posted in Where do your ideas come from? on Oct 14, 2014
Inspiration... For quite a while I have been impressed by Millie Haskins of the Patsy Hoolahan show and how she comes up with such great songs. I don't know if any of you have heard of '31 minutos' from chile (a big hit here on TV)  Their songs were so.. unexplainable, so I finally got up the courage, and got inspired by Millie's life.  So.. without further adieu.. Frogo's fisrt Karaoke...

Re: Best colour choice for Cookie Monster? Posted in Best colour choice for Cookie Monster? on Sep 27, 2014
I agree Shawn. Most of what I have seen is the third option... then second is the first option.
Re: Real Battle Posted in Real Battle on Sep 18, 2014
Almac2.. loooking  good. You are off to a great start. Keep it up.
Re: Recycled Pringles Tube Puppet Posted in Recycled Pringles Tube Puppet on Aug 09, 2014
That's really cool.You could do a whole series of this style and do some great stuff. Well done.
Re: Season finale (Thankyou pagestep) Posted in Season finale (Thankyou pagestep) on Jun 29, 2014
ahhhhhhh  ha hah ha. Sooo cool. Thanks for that. (Yes, I did always want to be on the Patsy Hoolahan Show, and sending a frog was the only way I could get there...postage is cheaper than  an airfare) I'd be interested to know where the frog's name came from...Arthur was the name of my grandfather on my mother's side, Arthur Harrod, from Birmingham, England (that's coincidential, don't know where you  got the other names from though). I think you should keep the glitches, they add to the trippy feel. There was no disclaimer about events and places being fictitious and bearing no resemblance to persons real or I hope my sense of humor is not as tragic as Arthur's..after all, I do get quite a kick out of your show .(you had me in stitches) It will be interesting to see if Arthur gets through his audition....Good advice Mr Frog. Maybe you could give Arthur lessons. Maybe a duo? ...or is Mr Frog given to jealousy?. Millie, you may not have been ready, but you did so well. Cool hair-do. Your life seems to be turning around, but I am seriously concerned about Patsy. Some people take such terrible advantage of innocent people sometimes. Season  4  definitely better be on the drawing board. Even My wife is catching on. She thought it was The Patsy Hoolagan Show...Patsy is not a Hoolagan,she's very nice. I hope she has recovered by next season. By the way, who was voicing the Gwyn twins? Nice voice. Watch out Millie, you may have competition (now don't go and get tetchy...)

All in all... a GREAT effort The Director.CONGRATULATIONS.
Re: A Jazzy Jeff Alarm Clock... Posted in A Jazzy Jeff Alarm Clock... on Jun 25, 2014
Ha! You had me jump with the little surprise there!
Re: Puppetry is back in Star Wars Posted in Puppetry is back in Star Wars on May 30, 2014
Don't worry, CGI will have its day. Economics will have a lot to do with it. But practicality and style will also. CGI is not cheap if you have to pay people to do it, and sometimes the look you want is just quicker and simpler to do with puppets or real sets, etc. I am finding that with filming puppets. You can do all sorts of things with CGI , but you have to look for the best solution to getting something done, and it is not always CGI.