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Re: The Hungry Witch Posted in The Hungry Witch on Oct 16, 2013
I wondered who played the witch! Aha that explains it. (is she as cracked as you?) you  should ask her back again.
Re: Fox Puppet Video Posted in Fox Puppet Video on Sep 09, 2013
...can't wait to  get a connection I can watch video on!
Re: Tips for design Posted in Tips for design on Sep 09, 2013
Good article Na.
Publication of Children's Outreach Posted in Publication of Children's Outreach on Sep 09, 2013
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Hi All. Here is an inquiry. Does anyone know anything about these two publications? Two very good books by 'Children's Outreach'. A grandmother I met over internet, here in NZ, sent them to my mother some years ago, and now is off the  radar. I now have these copies. I was wanting to know if it is OK to use them (since they are copies) the originals are somewhere with the grandma.I have a ministry in Colombia wanting a sheep, and the pattern in one of the books would  foot the  bill quite nicely. Does anyone know how I could get permission to use them? Thanks.
Re: Youtube News & How It Effects My New Video Posted in Youtube News & How It Effects My New Video on Sep 05, 2013
That will be interesting.
Re: Hi Im back on after a long hiatis Posted in Hi Im back on after a long hiatis on Aug 22, 2013
waiting with anticipation!
Re: Somethings Bugging Patsy Posted in Somethings Bugging Patsy on Aug 22, 2013
Good to see you again Patsy!  My my, your mother has so much advice to give! Have you ever seen a fly in a microwave? It flies really fast, until ending up like yours in your jar....
Re: Melonpool: The Motion Picture Posted in Melonpool: The Motion Picture on Aug 22, 2013
yes, looks like an interesting project. Keep us updated if you come across any thing else connected with them.
Re: 3D Shadow Puppets Posted in 3D Shadow Puppets on Aug 05, 2013
ha, interesting technique...polarized light, that is  smart.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted in Reality Show Auditions on Aug 05, 2013
do you think we will get a look at the  outcome at any time?