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Watch new film 'The Mock Mother' here! Replies 4

Posted by Mucky Puppets on May 13, 2011

Hi everyoneHere's my new short 'The MOCK MOTHER' based on a short story by Vanessa Woolf-HoyleI've entered the film as part of Virgin Media Shorts competition and I need as many views…

New Zealand based puppet action series - Feedback requested Replies 14

Posted by Hansagan on Apr 01, 2011

Hi All, Heres a link to part one of a twelve part webseries I'm posting on youtube...I'm pretty passionate about puppets, being a Jim Henson fan from way back, and some of the stuff we tried…

Puppet Star Wars Replies 3

Posted by RYMANOFSTEEL on Mar 20, 2011

The Kidznet Puppets retell the Bible Story from Acts 12, Star Wars style!

Coming Out of Their Shells that TMNT puppets sing out Loud Replies 7

Posted by ScrapsTV on Mar 13, 2011

I Havent posted in so long that i forgot to share this gem...back before christmas i got the idea to build for TMNT puppets for fun...this is the result , i am really happy with how they turned out…

The ScrapsTV Movie Blog Replies 8

Posted by ScrapsTV on Mar 10, 2011

Hey guys i havent been here in a really long time, been really busy but i am filming a movie based on ScrapsTV and this is the Blog to follow for Updates be sure… Yay! Replies 4

Posted by nall29 on Mar 06, 2011

here is a new made by fans for fans! this was the latest update from here is a full quote."The Muppet fan base has grown over the last couple of years. With Disney set to…

Blog feedback Replies 13

Posted by mikepc on Feb 27, 2011

Hey guys, I just started a new blog that Id love your feedback on.  Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated!!

New blacklight video: "I Love to Be With You" Replies 9

Posted by Gabriel G on Feb 25, 2011

Hi everyone!Just thought I'd share that I've uploaded a new performance video on vimeo Just some fun facts about the piece:- Original idea and the puppet was from Playsoup (…

New shadow puppet ghost film 'The Upper Berth' Replies 9

Posted by Mucky Puppets on Feb 18, 2011

Hi All Here's my new shadow puppet film 'The Upper Berth'It's based on a classic ghost story by Francis Marion Crawford. I've mixed more live shadows with the puppets. I'd love…

NEW Website! Replies 34

Posted by LJ on Feb 05, 2011

Well folks the time has come to unveil the brand new Pockets Full of Fun website!! Designed by none other than our talented Naomi from Puppets in Melbourne!! + NEW Production Video Replies 13

Posted by Gabriel G on Feb 02, 2011

Hey all, hope you're first month of 2011 kicked off to a fantastic start~For me, the month was off to a busy start with:- My new website going online! Please check it out when…

Puppet Buzz is back! Replies 0

Posted by Chensational on Feb 01, 2011

Hi Everyone,   Just wanted to let everyone know that Puppet Buzz is starting to post regularly again.  Sorry for the lapse.- Kanja

Interesting Beaker Replies 5

Posted by Steve C on Jan 31, 2011

This isn't really a puppet site but it is about a life size Beaker(from the muppets).some of the techniques used can be applied to your puppet making also.Thought everyone might enjoy…

Julia Nunes Video Replies 4

Posted by cvzdesign on Jan 28, 2011

When I went to see Julia Nunes in concert a few months ago, I took a puppet I made for her, and she incorporated it into her latest video! I didn't do the link…

Good source for Marionette building Replies 10

Posted by Steve C on Jan 23, 2011

Ran across this site today and it has a very good section on building a marionette,I really enjoyedit and thought others would find it

Puppet Video I worked on (shameless plug) Replies 8

Posted by Skelemo on Dec 17, 2010

Hello! I'm a long time reader who hasn't really contributed in a couple years, but I still lurk!Anyways, slowly but surely a whack of video projects I did puppet stuff are starting to appear…

Xbox Kinect Puppet Replies 3

Posted by Henry on Nov 20, 2010

My friend just posted this video on Facebook, it shows someone using the Xbox Kinect hardware to emulate puppet movements.;hl=en_GB&fs=1On…

Need good link with finger puppet patterns Replies 3

Posted by titere on Nov 14, 2010

Hello all! Can anyone give a hint on a good place on the net for free finger puppet patterns?Can be to make in felt, but other techniques are ok too.Thanks!

bleeckie Replies 6

Posted by bleeckie on Nov 13, 2010

hi! my name is bleeckie streetie and im proud to say i have my own site. i want to share it with all of you because im very proud of myself! my human friend, leslie, helped me make it. please support…

Help our puppet short film win the Epic Mini Movie Contest! We need your vote! Replies 22

Posted by puppetmcgee on Nov 03, 2010

Hey everyone, a friend and I just got a short film entered into Sprint's Epic Mini Movie contest on youtube.  It is the only one with puppets!  If we can get enough votes to make it in…

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