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Tall Ted's Puppet Party. Replies 7

Posted by Henry on Mar 18, 2009

Hi Puppets and Stuff friends.For a while now one of my "Costume Puppets" Tall Ted has been entertaining the children at my local library with Story Time sessions.So far he as covered Magic,…

Just to share Replies 6

Posted by johian on Mar 18, 2009

Hi,today I received this link from a friend that I want to share with you all.

Finally something has made it...... Replies 23

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Mar 17, 2009

I have made many puppets for pilot projects and unfortunately they don't make it very far and most of my work cannot be shown due to the request of the producers (in case someone later on picks it…

Bollywood Dancer with Puppet Replies 2

Posted by Nikole H. on Mar 09, 2009

Sorry if this was already posted.  I know how a lot of these things get duplicated.  I'm still trying to catch up from being away from P&S for so long.

1922-1923 LA Times Paper Puppets. Replies 4

Posted by Henry on Feb 27, 2009

Hi Puppet Pals,While researching my next Story Time session called "Tall Ted's Puppet Party Story Time", which will have a seven foot bear performing a puppet show for preschoolers at my…

Hugo's Music Video Replies 5

Posted by Sonny on Feb 17, 2009

Here one I forgot about.I made the Blue Dinosaur for this bands music video. I am told the puppet is on tour with them and a crowd favorite.The band is Hugo and so is the…

Fun Video Replies 4

Posted by Sonny on Feb 17, 2009

Have fun, I did. Even Nannerpuss liked it.

My Website & Mozilla ?? Replies 6

Posted by Puppet-Planet on Feb 14, 2009

Hey guys, anyone using Mozilla?  I had a customer tell me that they tried to view my site today from a different computer that used Mozilla instead of IE and my website didn't work. Can…

Thoughts please on my website Replies 4

Posted by Na on Feb 14, 2009

Many of you may not know, but last year I turned my 'learn' page into a membership-only thing. Much of what exists there is available for free, but after a certain point - or rather, depending…

Beany and Cecil! Replies 2

Posted by Chris Arveson on Feb 09, 2009

I loved their cartoons as a kid.

Here is puppetry and magic combined.... Replies 10

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jan 27, 2009

I have seen this a looooonnnngggg time ago......It was great to find it again and share with some great friends.....enjoy.  ****Appropriate for all to…

easy way to make a marionette Replies 8

Posted by johian on Jan 27, 2009

Hi guys,don't know if this site has already been given you can follow step by step how you can make a marionette in the 'easy'…

Do you like puppets? Do you like sci-fi shows? Replies 0

Posted by scaredgirlrobot on Jan 17, 2009

Then check out my blog/puppet tv show!  It's called Commander Quacks, Protector of the Future!  I made most of the puppets featured in our little show...if you have a blogger account…

No Strings - Tales of Disaster Replies 9

Posted by Jon on Dec 17, 2008

I don't know how many of you follow Andrew's Blog but I was very interested in his post about the puppet troup called  No Strings that recently produced some disaster awareness videos to…

check out our new internet site Replies 12

Posted by Tom_McLaughlin on Nov 25, 2008

www.randycarfagnoproductions.comwe're just finishing our mad rush for this years' Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - this is our 20th year making specialty character costumes for Macy's.…

Who sells on Etsy?? Replies 5

Posted by Sumiq8 on Nov 22, 2008

Hi,I buy on Etsy but have not begun to sell yet. I wanted to see how many of you sell on Etsy? I have been reading an excellent gudie for setting up shop and marketing your business. I thought maybe…

Homestar Runner puppets Replies 4

Posted by cvzdesign on Nov 20, 2008

Off and on they have been doing puppet sketches at the Homestar Runner site.Normally they do flash animations, but someone created puppets for them, and they have been having fun in the real…

New Forum-- The Foam Book Community! Replies 7

Posted by greysealpuppets on Oct 22, 2008

We are really proud to announce our new Foam Book Community at!  For a long time, we've dreamed of a place where puppeteers and puppet…

Coming to the net soon - puppet chat! Replies 31

Posted by Na on Jun 16, 2008

I'm going to be starting a podcast soon (for those who don't know, a podcast is just an internet radio show), and wanted some input from you guys.The good thing about my podcast is that you,…

Do you have a puppetry-related blog or web site? Replies 298

Posted by Ron G. on Feb 12, 2007

OK... I was going to start a thread on this topic the other day, and include favorite blogs, web sites, and forums which you enjoy visiting that aren't your own - but Shawn coincidentally started…

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