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What is the one piece of advice you would give to a new performer? Replies 7

Posted by Jungle joe on Jul 08, 2013

Help new performers by giving them the most important one piece of advice that would help them improve their act and become a better performer.

New Website for Professional Latex puppets Replies 0

Posted by Jungle joe on Jul 07, 2013

We are proud to announce that our new website, is fully functional now. All pro puppets is a great resource for professional latex puppets for performers and entertainers. We…

Watch my new puppet music video! "Nothing can Compare to Eternity" Replies 0

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Jul 01, 2013

Nothing Can Compare to Eternity  I dedicated this song to my cousin whose husband was shot to death.  This is also good for children of tragedies and deaths.

Fuzzberrys-Broken Dreams Replies 6

Posted by fuzzberrys on Jun 13, 2013

After many years trying to get my characters in front of the kids around the world, with no luck whatsoever, I decided to shake it up a bit... And Fuzzberrys-Broken Dreams was born!   ...and…

Show about a Princess Replies 6

Posted by Ystava on May 31, 2013

Hello everyone,We are making a small show about little Princess with my sister and it would be great to hear some comments and get your feed back.  We've got 2 seasons so far (don't be…

Latex Puppets Replies 0

Posted by Jungle joe on May 30, 2013

Hi everyone, I would like to see some latex puppet photos. We all can share our photos under this thread. Here is Chimpo, my baby monkey puppet:…

Amazing puppetry Replies 10

Posted by ArthurS on May 30, 2013

A new play in Australia starring a 50' King Kong marionette.  Absolutely amazing!!

my new show!!!!!! Replies 2

Posted by steam man on May 30, 2013

Welcome my poppets to the puppet diarys have 2 videos out already I hope you enjoy themP.S there is another youtube show called the puppet diarIEs so…

Just had to share Replies 3

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on May 09, 2013

This is just beautiful...Julie

Explore Puppetry Workshop and Webinar Series 2013-14 Replies 0

Posted by CtrPuppetryArts on May 07, 2013

Explore Puppetry SeriesEducational and professional development opportunitiesat the Center for Puppetry Arts.Voice for Puppet PerformanceJune 24, 2013Puppet Camp!July 22-26, 2013Community Building…

Patsy's First Live Interview "Yikes" Replies 13

Posted by The Director on Apr 14, 2013

 \ This Wednesday night eastern time, Patsy Hoolahan will have a 30 minute live interview.  It all happened when she made a comment on a youtube site connected to a podcast radio show. …

Puppet Slam Primer Workshop and Webinar April 22 Replies 0

Posted by CtrPuppetryArts on Apr 02, 2013

Puppet Slam Primer WorkshopPresented by Beau Brown, Host/Curator, National Puppet Slam (2011, 2012, 2013) and Host/Producer, Puckin’ Fuppet Show (Atlanta, GA)Mon, Apr 22, 2013, 7pm - 9pmAges 18+ (All…

Puppets swinging swords and doing Kung Fu? Amazing. Simply Amazing Replies 18

Posted by Holymind on Mar 29, 2013

Has anyone seen these types of fantastic movies? Because I wanna watch them in English.Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Looney Lynx video Replies 0

Posted by Shunaka on Mar 17, 2013

Here's a video we took back in January at a convention down in San Jose, CA. I'm experimenting here with a style of puppetry that's more interactive.Enjoy!Shunaka

Adventures with Astro Rated pg 13 all episodes Replies 2

Posted by adventures with astro on Mar 07, 2013

I will post my episodes here for you to follow so that way i dont post all over this awesome forum and keep it nice and organized. Hope you all enjoy ASTRO_WHITE_LARGE by Adventures with Astro, on…

Mary Ann Taylor (MAT Puppets) Replies 10

Posted by vids4kidstv on Mar 06, 2013

Just thought this might be a good place to post these videos. It was recorded and given to me by my close friend Charles Cullen. I then edited it for ItsTimmysVlog.

Booze Band Puppet Blog Updates! :D Replies 33

Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Mar 05, 2013

Hello mighty puppet forum! I will be putting my weekly updates for our Blog into this thread from now on, so people can find/ignore me to their hearts content :D Find me and subscribe...  Booze…

Irish Puppetry Replies 8

Posted by Forbidden Zone Puppets on Feb 25, 2013

Hey guys,  I'm rather new here and I haven't posted anything before but something bothers me. I live in dublin, Ireland and I am a semi-professional puppet maker and puppeteer.…

My You Tube Channel :) Replies 8

Posted by andyz on Feb 12, 2013

Hola!, I finally got the courage to put this post up! . I am Andy and I am from Argentina.I always loved puppets and all things related to their universe. Around 3 years ago I came up with the idea of…

School of Puppetry podcast Replies 41

Posted by Na on Feb 01, 2013

School of Puppetry will be producing a podcast in 2013 - the first news about it is here: free to submit…

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