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Porque Oramos Replies 22

Posted by pagestep007 on Oct 07, 2012

HI, I have just handed in the last 20 of a series of 67 short programs to be transmitted on Christian TV here in Colombia. I have uploaded them all to youtube, but have only subtitled 20 into English…

Big Bird commentary by Patsy Replies 1

Posted by The Director on Oct 05, 2012

Well last month has been pretty crazy for me  dealing with roofers, car issues and a friend who's terminal illness finally took her.  Needless to say I have missed my September debut…

Scott Land Marionettes Replies 1

Posted by Shawn on Sep 30, 2012

Hey folks I made two new friends today on FaceBook and wanted to share!  Some of you may recognize the name Scott Land and I am pretty sure we have talked about him in the past but not sure that…

Carlos made a video on request... Replies 4

Posted by Carlos Guarda de Cadeia on Sep 27, 2012

A nice family, living in the the next village asked me to make a video of their project EcoLixo. They gaot Carlos Guarda de Cadeia as reporter. So this is the result. This time in English with…

How to make fake teeth Replies 4

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 15, 2012

Quick Bucky Ray Goldstein video, Replies 0

Posted by Wheels47130 on Sep 11, 2012

I just put up a quick video I did with Bucky Ray. I'm working on a lot of web stuff for my puppets right now. I hope to have a bunch of stuff soon  Bucky Ray Welcome

Here I go again Replies 2

Posted by The Director on Sep 10, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I went to my nieces to help her pack as they are moving to Main.  I spotted a puppet belonging to her son. A fireman. LOL! she wouldn't let me take it, but I had my…

Reverse Blacklight video from Dream Team Replies 13

Posted by Gabriel G on Aug 30, 2012

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to be part of the Creative Ministry Dream Team for MAX, where we spent 3.5 days rehearsing a special finale performance for the conference.I wanted to share…

We have a Finger Puppet Sitcom! Replies 3

Posted by Curtis and Tara Show on Aug 26, 2012

Hi! Great work on this site! We have a finger puppet sitcom starring two Andy Warhol-ish characters who are roommates, based on a skit from our podcast. www.curtisandtarashow.comWeekly episodes coming…

A new puppet web series (Totally Socks) Replies 7

Posted by ViciousCritic on Aug 05, 2012

There is a new comedy web series on made entirely with sock puppets. It's called Totally Socks. Most of the sets are animated, and the comedy is somewhat hit or miss, but it's cute…

Any G+ users interseted in doing a puppet Hangout? Replies 15

Posted by Wheels47130 on Aug 01, 2012

If interested let me know. I'll try to work with all on a good time for all our areas. I think we could have a fun time 

Puppets Making Puppets Replies 9

Posted by The Director on Jul 26, 2012

  Well I made this video the other night in about 2 hours. From shooting to production. I guess a couple hours of tweak time. I have to say it was inspired by this site and all of you creative…

My Marionette collection... Replies 29

Posted by marionettics on Jul 23, 2012

Haven't really posted much since I signed up, but I do enjoy reading through the threads on here and wanted to start my own as I'm uploading some of my marionettes to youtube. I did a couple…

Elly has been blogging Replies 0

Posted by Puppeteer_Elly on Jul 19, 2012

I have a new blog post up:

Excellent Stage Puppetry C.S. Lewis Adaptation Replies 5

Posted by Buppetpusker on Jul 19, 2012

I am honestly amazed by the level of realism that is imparted to the puppets in this big-top staged adaptation of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe". Just seeing Aslan manipulated in…

Who wants a laugh? Replies 11

Posted by Josh on Jul 13, 2012

I seen this when is first came out, but, I ran onto it again today and had to post it here. comments? 

Amazing marionette builds by Mark James Porter Replies 10

Posted by Buppetpusker on Jul 13, 2012

This guy's work is doing the rounds on tumblr - He's an amazing illustrator and his puppets are equally reflective of his artistic talent. If anything, I've been inspired!Check him out at…

Street marionettes in South Africa Replies 5

Posted by Chris Arveson on Jul 12, 2012

While mindlessly surfing, I stumbled across this wonderful video:

Center for Puppetry Arts on the Web Replies 0

Posted by CtrPuppetryArts on Jul 11, 2012

Greetings from the Center for Puppetry Arts!You can follow us on Facebook at: on Twitter:@CtrPuppetryArtsWe have news on our own performances and…

The Owen Money Show Replies 5

Posted by Wheels47130 on Jul 10, 2012

I just uploaded a video to YouTube for a promo for a puppet show I am going to do there. I think it will be fun The Owen Money ShowHope you subscribe!

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