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Disney Announced Muppet Whatnot Patterns Replies 5

Posted by Matt on Sep 13, 2009

At the D23 expo, Disney announced that they are expanding their Muppet Whatnot line by offering Patterns, features and accessories according to Muppet News Flash via twitter.MuppetNewsflashFrom D23:…

WHat happened to Puppet Planet? Replies 3

Posted by MsPuppet on Sep 09, 2009

Does anyone know what happened to Puppet Planet? The web site is gone.

Worm puppet picture Replies 11

Posted by MsPuppet on Sep 05, 2009

I need to look at pictures of a worm puppet (sort of an inch worm style). I thought there were some on here, but cannot find them.Need to make one and I am drawing a blank.Thanks.

Sock puppets Replies 4

Posted by Bhanu on Sep 04, 2009

Hi Completed 2 sock puppets...Beena (girl) and Kuki the crow.These are samples for the forthcomimg workshop on 18th & 19th. This is a simple puppet form but not many people are aware. During the…

How are you dealing with the bad economy? Replies 5

Posted by Tim on Sep 03, 2009

Even with the country on the mend, things are still tight for me. I've had to diversify and do a lot more illustrating, sculpting and writing for others.(You can see some of my stuff here: …

Puppet Celebration Replies 0

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 01, 2009

Found this site while on my Morning Walk on the Internet. D.

I Am Back Replies 5

Posted by Jon on Sep 01, 2009

Well after weeks away and thousands of miles under my car I am back.  My family and I went on a trip with a youth group from my trip and decided to keep traveling and went west as far as Mt…

To Be Offended or Not To Be Offended Replies 5

Posted by Matt on Aug 30, 2009

So I was checking the access logs for my websites to see how many hits I've been getting and how people are finding my site. One of the referral pages was titled "Puppet Blog Lineup", so…

50 cents boas at Replies 2

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 27, 2009

Here is a great special 50 cent 12 gram marabou boas. 12 colors available while they last. D.

Antron Anouncement Replies 10

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 21, 2009

Just got this email from Contact Name Removed about the antron fleecePlease be advised that fleece is going up.The 12oz white antron fleece is now $16.25 a yard.We are expecting a small shipment to…

Hi folks Replies 3

Posted by Bhanu on Aug 20, 2009

Dear friends,I am back again to P&S after a short break...been busy painting my flat plus clearing old things..whew it was a big job thatwas postponed for more than 18 you can imaginethe…

Russian Pop-Culture Character Hand Puppet Replies 7

Posted by Chris Arveson on Aug 17, 2009

This little guy just arrived in the mail. He's the title character of a Soviet era animated series named Cheburashka. It's a very sweet, gentle series. I have looked for puppets the last…

Basic question Replies 9

Posted by Sandra on Aug 07, 2009

Hello to you all,I am right now working on my very first puppet to sell and I was thinking of maybe adding a linning inside the puppet (piece of cloth that protects the foam from the sweat of the…

I just had to tell!!! Replies 22

Posted by Sandra on Aug 06, 2009

Hi Everybody,For a year and a half, I could not do anything. I could barely draw because I did not have good light, I could not do any puppets because of the lack of space, ventilation and lighting.…

Brazil Puppet Kit Raffle Replies 11

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 06, 2009

Meg gave me this idea and I thought since many of you were interested in one of the Brazil puppet kits but were strapped for $$$ right now. It would make things interesting to sell raffle tickets to…

Art Brushes Replies 0

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 17, 2009

I am starting to learn a new method of painting eyes................ I am fascinated with learning to paint eyes to make them look realistic. I love this method from Kens Tools uses to paint eyes.I am…

Google Books (FREE) Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 13, 2009

Check this out it is pretty cool....................... online puppet books on Google Books. This is John Kennedys " Puppet Planet"Just type in the search box the title of the book you want…

The Magic of Henson on TV Replies 2

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 05, 2009

The science channelDirect TV.. channel #284Dish Network.. channel #193Cable Network.. check local listingsScience of the MoviesThe Magic of HensonTV-GThursday July 9th.......... 10…

Almost back on track Replies 2

Posted by Sandra on Jul 05, 2009

Hi guys,I am almost back on track. I have now moved into my new home and I am just about ready to start making puppets again. So I will be here more often now. I really missed all of you guys.Oh, and…

Interview Replies 6

Posted by jomama on Jun 22, 2009

Hey everyone, I just finished an interview with a local TV station. Unfortunately it was not about puppets and puppetry, but it was about art. I teach drawing with a program called Young…

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