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Re: Happy Mothers Day to Everyone! Posted in Happy Mothers Day to Everyone! on May 13, 2018
Same to you!
Re: The Secrets of Making A Marionette (Part 2) Posted in The Secrets of Making A Marionette (Part 2) on May 11, 2018
Wow, 9 years have passed since Billy first shared this link. Sure glad that it still works. The information given in this short article are full of tid-bits of information that are good to know.
Re: Why is this hobby so addicting? Posted in Why is this hobby so addicting? on May 07, 2018
I think that the reason this hobby is so addicting is, well in my case anyway, because it makes the kid in me smile. I have always been a sucker for puppets of any kind. Learning to build them just brings peace and joy in me that nothing else sees to bring in equal measure. Its a fun hobby and the world in the state it is in does need this as well. At least that is my two cents on the matter. Anybody feel this way about it as well?
Re: Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? Posted in Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? on May 07, 2018
Well hello Dr. Seem's I am not the only one that is back from a far. I am good, so happy to see you again.
Yeah, the puppetry got me again. I watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with my 11 and a half year old and it just awoken that longing of doing puppets again. The last time I truly did some was when my daughter was a baby. I think she was about three when I took a serious break, so it's been a while. I missed it too much I guess. Now, I am watching all that I can watch that is under the sun about puppetry and thrilled to see that this place is still thriving. So glad that Shawn has kept it alive and well.
Hope to read you again soon Dr. Always fun to see an old face around.
Puppetry to support core values Posted in Puppetry to support core values on Jun 17, 2017
Hi all,
These days, I am trying to create my marionettes by keeping my footprint on the planet as small as possible. I try to buy the items that I need in stores I go to, and I try not to buy online as much as possible. I want to learn how to do my own paper clay (which I am on the right track for) as well as recycle as much as I can to create my art. I am wondering if others like you are aware of the impact you are having on this world (and not just in people's consciousness with your wonderful creations) each time you start a new project? I may be the only one for now who does that, and I hope to be able to become good at making my marionette and then when I will get more attention for my work, to spread the message of my environmental calling.

What about you guys?
Puppet hug to all!
Hair Posted in Hair on Jun 11, 2017
Hi all, I wanted to share a Youtube channel I found about how to work on wigs for dolls, or in our case can be used for puppets/marionettes. The channel is entitled Mozekyto and you can find it at I know I will use the info in it in future marionettes.
Creative Paper Clay Posted in Creative Paper Clay on Jun 11, 2017
Hi all,
I would like to ask all fellow marionette builders what is the best recipe out there for creative paper clay. I do not have the budget or the chance to go buy some of that stuff every month, so I would like to learn on how to do my own. I know there are several recipe's out there, but I do not want to have to try them all to see which one works best. I would like to get to know what recipe's do you use personally? Thanks.
Weights for a marionette Posted in Weights for a marionette on Jun 10, 2017
Hi everybody, I am posting here because I am not sure where to post this question. If you wish to put it at another place Shawn, please feel free to do so, I do not mind.
I have some bb parashute type pellets and I am thinking of melting (like 3 together in order to make one weight) and I was wondering what is the melting point of these and if it is a good idea to do? I want to make weights that will be perfect for my marionettes in the future and I do not want to spend unnecessarily on this but want to use stuff I already have. I have never melted anything before, so I have to create my own tools with what I do have, or get as little tools as I need. Any advice would be best, thanks.
Re: Favourite types of puppets?? Posted in Favourite types of puppets?? on Jun 04, 2017
In the past, I used to be crazy about anything Muppet style puppets. I even learned to build some when my daughter was born here on PnS. But as I am growing older, I am finding that I am more into marionettes as time goes by. It may be an age thing, no idea. I just love the finesse of them. But of course, show me a puppet of any kind and you will get my attention, no matter what kind it will be. I am a sucker for puppets and it is THE subject that makes the kid in me laugh constantly.
Re: Frankenstein: The Puppet Opera Posted in Frankenstein: The Puppet Opera on Aug 18, 2014
Wow, this does seem like an incredible project. I really like the idea of theirs to pick up a classic novel like Shelley's Frankenstein and making it into a puppet opera. Thank you so much Chris for sharing this with us. Really this seems like a brilliant idea and I can't wait to see how it will pan out. By sharing this project, you are helping them as we can all do this as well. Great find!