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Christmas TV Ads Posted in Christmas TV Ads on Dec 06, 2016
I'm not sure how often I'll end up adding to this this Christmas but I did see this one ad which was nice:

The Furchester Hotel Posted in The Furchester Hotel on May 23, 2016
Morning, hope you all had a good weekend.

Another one from me, and this time because my son absolutely loves this programme and I will admit someone else does too....

The Furchester Hotel is a BBC produced programme in collaboration with Sesame Street workshop, was filmed over 3 months in 2014 in a studio in Salford, UK. Features a brand new monster family and Elmo and Cookie Monster, working a hotel. Fun and frolics and a typical dash of muppet-awesomeness.

More detail at the official website:

The entire 52 episode run is available on Youtube, so do check it out.

The catchy theme tune can be seen here:

You can check out the huge set made for filming here: on the manufacturers website, worthy of note is the height the sets are raised at. 1.1 metres another article tells me, for the puppeteers to perform.

Also this is the first time that I've seen and heard Ryan Dillon's performance as Elmo at length and its uncanny when compared to Kevin Clash.
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted in Cosplay Sesame on Apr 08, 2016
That is made of win! Nice job!
Siri and Cookie Monster (Apple iPhone ad) Posted in Siri and Cookie Monster (Apple iPhone ad) on Apr 07, 2016
This hilarious ad featuring Cookie Monster showed up not too long ago:

and now a cute little "Behind the Scenes" video of them shooting it:

Interesting to note is how Cookie Monster's eyes are made, simply black circles pinned to the bigger white eye ball.  This, I did not know! Or never noticed before!
A Puppet Builder form by Luna Puppets Posted in A Puppet Builder form by Luna Puppets on Feb 23, 2016

This this was quite cool, much like the build a muppet facility, but this independent person does one too. Quickly gets expensive though and animatronic eyes add at least $500!

The puppet sketches as you click is quite cool.
Wacky Races - Muttley puppet? Posted in Wacky Races - Muttley puppet? on Feb 02, 2016

Wacky Races get a real life interpretation in this awesome Peugeot ad.

I'm pretty sure thats a Muttley puppet at the end?
Re: New comedy-drama with puppets as main protagonists! Posted in New comedy-drama with puppets as main protagonists! on Feb 01, 2016
Ha! That looks quite interesting indeed! And a UK production with British cast - yay!

I look forward to checking this out.
Is this one of our own? Surprise Puppet Proposal Posted in Is this one of our own? Surprise Puppet Proposal on Jan 29, 2016
Adam Savage Makes a Puppet! Posted in Adam Savage Makes a Puppet! on Jan 29, 2016
Rick Lyon and other possible Avenue Q alumni help Adam Savage (I only know him from Mythbusters, not been a follower of his since that show ended airing here in the UK) build a puppet!

Not bad.
Pooping Puppet Unicorn?! Posted in Pooping Puppet Unicorn?! on Nov 02, 2015
Nuff said: