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Creating Revolutionary Puppetry on the Web Replies 24

Posted by Andrew on Jan 06, 2009

I think that one of the most amazing things about sites like this is seeing just how many cool projects members have done and are working on. So many people here are doing such interesting stuff.I…

big puppet makers Replies 8

Posted by jovack on Jan 06, 2009

dose any one know of any big puppet makers in England, i talking like jim henson big there's got to be something over here.? 

Curious Kitchen T.V. Pilot Highlight Reel Replies 8

Posted by Onath on Jan 05, 2009

Hey everyone,Just want to show you guys my highlight reel from a T.V. Pilot we did this summer. We built, designed, voiced, and puppeteered the puppet. The film just finished its post production so we…

Sorry I have been away Replies 25

Posted by DrPuppet on Jan 01, 2009

Sorry I have been away it has been a difficult month for us. A very loved member of our family died the day after Christmas and I myself took a nasty fall out of the attic and banged myself up nicely.…

how to get my start with HUMANETTES Replies 12

Posted by passion4puppets on Dec 30, 2008

Hi, I've always been interested with Humanetting (Is that how you would spell that?), and don't know where to start!  I found this website, and hope you guys can help!So what I'm…

Any reccomendations for soundsystems for outdoor shows? Replies 3

Posted by herbiebunnie3 on Dec 23, 2008

Hi,guys and gals.  I find most of my performances are outdoors.  I need some sort of wireless system for two performers with headsets,& battery to work outside. Any…

Happy Holidays from Little's Creatures. Replies 5

Posted by Onath on Dec 22, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!Enjoy. may take a minute to load. There is also some other fun holiday stuff from us on our blog as…

Ventriloquism and speech recognition Replies 5

Posted by Na on Dec 18, 2008

Just came across this and thought people might be interested in reading it: shrink looks at how we associate speech recognition with…

Christmas Puppet Shopping Guide Replies 0

Posted by Andrew on Dec 10, 2008

Helllo all,I haven't had much time to be here on the forum lately, but I wanted to mention that a couple days ago I published a "Christmas Puppet Shopping Guide" on PuppetVision. Go have…

Holiday Puppet Tutorial Special Replies 6

Posted by DrPuppet on Dec 01, 2008

I have decided to run a special over the holiday. If you buy the complete doctor set either for download or the data dvd set I will include the other videos free. Thats blinking eyes flocking the nose…

Here is something fun...... Replies 7

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 27, 2008

This guy painted his face everyday for an entire year and more.  He has it all documented on flicker (see link below) it was Andew over at PuppetVision Blog who discovered it…

HELP........... Replies 5

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 23, 2008

I had the pleasure to see a show this past summer and was awe strucked at the puppets that were hand built by Bob Baker himself.  I also was very impressed with some very young puppeteers who he…

Franklin Puppet Replies 16

Posted by HenryG on Oct 29, 2008

Hi!Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area.I'm not a puppeteer, but I have a question that I hope you guys can help me with.Does anyone know where its possible to buy a puppet that looks…

Patterns Replies 66

Posted by DrPuppet on Oct 28, 2008

I have decided to include the patterns for my tutorials. So by this evening there will be a link to buy the patterns as well for each tutorial I do. the complete set of Doctor Who patterns will be up…

Blinking eye tutorial online as promised!! Replies 45

Posted by DrPuppet on Oct 26, 2008

Ok all the blinking eye tutorial online the link to the main page is below. Over the next few months I will be doing more mechanical tutorials all of which will be placed in the same location.…

Ideas for a class Replies 27

Posted by Na on Oct 06, 2008

I've been asked to do a puppetry building workshop in November with some people who have mental illnesses. I've only got about 2 hours over 3 weeks with them, and I was thinking of doing…

Muppet workshop Replies 30

Posted by Na on Sep 24, 2008

Just found this via Puppeteers Unite: muppet workshop like build-a-bear... wish I was in the US to do it!

Replicas - what do we do Replies 33

Posted by Na on Jul 15, 2008

I happened across a listing on ebay for a Kermit puppet, offered by a very new seller. I did report the item, but knowing ebay, nothing much will happen to the item or the seller. Is there some sort…

How to Copyright Your Puppets Replies 17

Posted by Puppets by Cher on Jul 08, 2007


Digital Puppetry System Development Replies 38

Posted by Andrew on Mar 08, 2007

Hi everyone, guess what I've been working on?About a year and a half ago I started looking in to Machinima and digital puppetry and thinking about ways it could be improved/developed. After…

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