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Turkmenistan puppet museum Replies 1

Posted by Na on Jul 09, 2014

Pictured here: I'd post it, cause it looks pretty darn amazing. If you click on the images you'll see better versions of the…

Information needed regarding Al Roberts forgotten BBC TV Ventriloquist Replies 5

Posted by Geoff on Feb 14, 2014

Hi, I am Geoff formerly of Truth2tell puppets and clowns and a former regular here. I am trying to research 'Al Roberts' who is a forgotten BBC TV Ventriloquist. I am especially in need of…

Shadow Woman - The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton Replies 0

Posted by C16thFoxe on Jan 10, 2014

A new biography of Pauline Benton, the world's first female master of Chinese shadow theater. See: here.

Frank Herbert Bross Glove Puppets Replies 5

Posted by Shawn on Aug 29, 2013

I recently received an email from someone asking if I could help value some puppets they had which belonged to their grandparents. They mentioned there was a metal "BROSS" tag on the back of…

Well Howdy Doody go to the highest bidder? Replies 0

Posted by Shawn on Jul 21, 2013

Andrew over at PuppetVision wrote about the Detroit Institute of Art and it's puppetry collection.…

Help Save Floppy Replies 2

Posted by ArthurS on Jun 06, 2013

In Iowa from the 50's through the 80's, we had a children's TV show called "The Floppy Show".  Floppy was a carved, balsa wood puppet dog in a box operated by Duane…

Sheri Lewis Replies 3

Posted by Shawn on Jun 04, 2012 is a pretty interesting article on Sheri Lewis authored by Matt Weinstock. Not everyone agreed with his take on Sheri…

70's Kid Project "Barnyard Frolics" Replies 11

Posted by Shawn on May 01, 2012

I wanted to ask you guys if this rings any bells with you. I got this via the contact page.I'm looking for a script for the Barnyard Frolics puppet show. This was something published probably in…

Karagiozis/Karaghiozis Shadow Puppet Replies 0

Posted by Shawn on Sep 23, 2011

Karagiozis or Karaghiozis Shadow PuppetTom Lang over at Puppet Hub is looking for some information on this shadow puppetry character so I went searching. See post:…

Where the word "puppet" and "marionette" comes from Replies 1

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Jul 28, 2011

I have learned that the words "puppet" and "marionette" are French words.  The word "puppet" means little doll and the word "marionette" means little Mary…

Hurvinek and Spejbl Replies 3

Posted by Chris Arveson on Jul 25, 2011

I am reading through Bil Baird's The Art of the Puppet. It has been very interesting. He writes briefly of Josef Skupa in Czechoslovakia (in those days) and his father-son duo, Hurvinekand Spejbl.…

An Attic Full of Puppets Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Jul 23, 2011

This a puppet project that they are trying to get off the ground. Looks like some amazeing puppetry history here. They are trying to raise money for the project and you can learn more about that and…

Bil Baird marionettes Replies 2

Posted by LJ on Jun 23, 2011

Just wanted to share that I FINALLY made it to the museum in Mason City, Iowa where the Bil Baird collection of marionettes is housed. It has the largest collection of his puppets in the world. He was…

Nice overview of puppetry Replies 0

Posted by Shawn on Apr 07, 2010

Was searching for information on Sicilian rod marionette  and this site popped up on the results.  Not really anything about what I was looking for but a pretty nice overview of puppetry and…

Styles and types of puppets / puppetry Replies 6

Posted by Pletoo on Mar 23, 2010

I am working on a project and need to make a series of trading cards. The subject matter covers a wide array of material, and I thought types of puppets and / or styles of puppetry might be an…

Herbert Fritz Bross Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Mar 10, 2010

Our new member Helmut Schmidt recently read an article on Herbert Fritz Bross and was looking for images of his puppets.  I found some stuff but wanted to get everyone else involved in the hunt.…

Can someone help me? Replies 5

Posted by johian on Feb 09, 2010

Hallo,today I made myself a member of PofA. (puppeteers of America)... I'm a member of unima Belgium . I am a regular visitor of their website and find it most interesting. I did see that there…

International Puppetry Museum Replies 10

Posted by MsPuppet on Sep 09, 2009

I did not know there was a puppet museum! Has anyone been there?

Here's a big thanks to this site! Replies 11

Posted by richardkey7 on May 21, 2009

I've been referring back to this site for a lot of puppet making strategies over the last few months, and I feel I owe everyone here something in return.…

Mystery show from the 70s Replies 18

Posted by Machete on Mar 25, 2009

Hi all,I have a stumper for any puppet scholars.My early childhood was during the 70s but I lived in another country that picked up US broadcasts in the morning in leiu of original content.So, Hot…

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