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Lets Help one of our Members on Indiegogo Replies 3

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 03, 2013

David Nagel one of our member is trying to raise money for charity by producing a fan film. Watch his video and see if you can help. Its for a great cause.Hello,I'm writing to let you know about…


Posted by ttwow on Aug 31, 2013

Really cool Online digital book on magic puppetry and stage illusion Replies 5

Posted by DrPuppet on Aug 26, 2013

Found this on a free digital library researching magic tricks for a new show idea. Thought Id share it. (drpuppet)

Time Machine video montage of the play Replies 4

Posted by DrPuppet on Aug 25, 2013

This is the play we just finished a couple weeks ago video montage from the night we shot it

Hi Im back on after a long hiatis Replies 6

Posted by DrPuppet on Aug 22, 2013

Hi everyone Its been a while I hope you've all been well. How has everyone been doing while I was gone?

Melonpool: The Motion Picture Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Aug 21, 2013

I hadn't heard much about this project lately.  It is nice to see that it is progressing quite nicely.  Great puppets and some nice behind the scenes…

chimp Body Puppet outing Replies 2

Posted by cvermont on Aug 12, 2013

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Bread and Puppet Circus, located in Glover,Vt., near my home. I decided to take the Chimp out for the day. It went well. We had some encounters. One…

Tips for design Replies 3

Posted by Na on Aug 07, 2013

I discovered this today. It's a 3 part article on how to do illustration, but a lot of the tips can be very useful not just for that but also for puppet…

Blinking eyes or moving sunglasses for marionettes Replies 5

Posted by Puppetdog on Aug 05, 2013

A dutch marionette theatre will start building my custom puppet next week, it will be a marionette (street)dogIt will be a typical, cool street dog. When my puppet is ready, I'll send some pics.…

3D Shadow Puppets Replies 1

Posted by Shawn on Aug 04, 2013

I knew this was going to happen. Can't say that I am a fan of 3D though.

Reality Show Auditions Replies 38

Posted by Shawn on Aug 01, 2013

Received this via email and thought I would pass it on.Casting director Russell Berman is looking for puppeteers, special effects artists, creature creators, and character designers with skills…

puptcrit list up and running? Replies 5

Posted by C16thFoxe on Jul 26, 2013

Just wondering if there is a problem with the puptcrit list? I have not had any mail from the List since Monday and was wondering if the problem was at my end or pupcrit's?I pinged the List (over…

Royal Baby News Reporting Replies 7

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Jul 22, 2013

Nigel Kensington reported the Royal Baby news today.

NEW PUPPETS!! :) Replies 3

Posted by jackg09 on Jul 18, 2013

  new puppets today.. i bought the frog one i named him " Leon" and my girlfriend made me the skeleton its really neat.

Puppet lipstick Replies 1

Posted by andruppets on Jul 15, 2013

What is the best way to make a puppet with huge red lips to look like lipstick?

Skin of walter Replies 19

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Jun 12, 2013

Hello,i don't know whats the skincolor of Walter from the muppetmovie,does someone know which color it is?Please let me know.

Walter the muppet question Replies 7

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Jun 11, 2013

Hello can anyone tell me what kind of muppet is walter,i thought a melonhead puppet but i'm not sure can anyone help me?i want to make a replica.    

Snailmail Idea Replies 1

Posted by Gail on May 27, 2013

One of my past puppet team members who moved away started another puppet team in Ohio. She sent me pictures of her new clubhouse puppet stage. I like the crooked look that looks like the kids made it…

Frazer Hines with Fuzzwatt Replies 6

Posted by systemcat on May 24, 2013

I'm still in a state of shock this even happened. His idea out of the blue and he gave me permission to post it online. For those of you wondering why I'm sharing this video. I made the…

How is the simple way to sell puppets? Replies 3

Posted by squirrely on May 22, 2013

On June 8-9, I'll be puppeteering at the mall.  There's going to be a SCIFEST happening.  I also want to sell my Sock puppets.  How can I get people to try and buy them?…

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