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Making Eyelashes Replies 7

Posted by Jon on Dec 07, 2008

I saw a tread where someone was looking for Eyelashes and it made me wonder about how to make eyelashes.  Have any of you out there ever made your own eyelashes?  What kind of materials did…

Marionette waist with Christmast ornaments (bauble) Replies 3

Posted by Jorge on Dec 05, 2008

I am working in a marionette waist using Christmas baubles. It is based in the Jim Gamble's ball and socket joint am not sure if it will work, but I am…

WHAT SIZE FOAM???? Replies 15

Posted by LT Puppets on Dec 03, 2008

Yes I am just wondering what size foam is the most popular to use??? I was thinking of using 1/2 inch for the head and 1 inch for the body, is this the best way to go??? Any input would be greatly…

magnets Replies 20

Posted by shahryar on Nov 27, 2008

okay I remember once a long time ago when I was young wathcing nick jr they used to have an hour of muppets,sometimes it was 2 episodes of the muppet show, sometimes it was the jim henson hour…

Foam Puppet Building Book Replies 13

Posted by Dragon-Fan on Nov 26, 2008

Hello, I've tried to find a review on the Foam Puppet Building book here at puppets and stuff,and I come up empty. Would some of you out there that have the book or have read it,please let me know…

Head pattern! Replies 4

Posted by miguel on Nov 25, 2008

Hi, guy!Inspirited by Mr. Fuller, Mr Jay, Mr. Jon, and the rest of you...This is a head pattern I'm working. Is not the final pattern, is just a test. I got to do modifications (I guess most of…

Cover some nose Replies 9

Posted by stonemask on Nov 24, 2008

hi there!Im working with some foam. How is best to cover this nose with fleece??I still havent decided how it will be. I havent glued anything. First im thinking about cover this nose. I got this nose…

attaching legs Replies 7

Posted by tsu on Nov 14, 2008

hi guys,could you please tell me how do you usually attach legs to the puppet's body?Iza

A new nos(i)e idea..... Replies 6

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 14, 2008

I just wanted to share a find to you all.......I was in my usual fabric shop wondering around and looking (50% off almost everything holiday sale) and came upon an item called "cloth…

how to sew fake fur together? Replies 17

Posted by tsu on Nov 12, 2008

hi guys,again me...I'm about to sew fake fur together (I'm, first I must learn how to use a sewing machine properly - yesterday I spent some time on how to prepare machine to work and was a…

new to making puppets looking for advice. Replies 13

Posted by shahryar on Nov 08, 2008

Hi I am planning to pick up the project puppet glorified sock puppet soon and I'm wondering what people think of it. And any advice you might have with using the pattern. ThanksAlso I've been…

problem with dyeing Antron (spots) Replies 28

Posted by tsu on Nov 07, 2008

Hi guys,I know that topic for Antron was here, but I would like to describe my specific problem and would love to hear any advices from you guys.Today was the first time I ever dyed Antron fleece. At…

Black Antron Fleece..... Replies 13

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 03, 2008

I have dyed Antron Fleece many colours but black.  When I tried dyeing a small piece it turned out as a brown and then I added more black dye and it only went to a dark brown and now I have a…

Making puppet arms Replies 10

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Oct 30, 2008

Does anyone know how to make arms like these?  If you are willing to share, please post details.   Bad Link RemovedWhat are they made of, and do you hand sew on the material because of the…

Crayon Puppets - Help PLEASE!! Replies 4

Posted by Gabriel G on Oct 14, 2008

Hello all!I'm starting to begin the brainstorming and drafting for my next upcoming production, The Crayon Kingdom, based on the book by Jennie Bishop.I am planning on building all the puppets for…

Pattern giveaway Replies 93

Posted by Na on Oct 02, 2008

For a limited time only! My first muppet pattern is finished, and I need some help testing it out. I'm offering six people the chance to get the pattern for free before I begin selling it.The…

Rhino Beetle Replies 39

Posted by Jon on Sep 25, 2008

I've begun working on the Rhino Beetle.  Below is a sketch of what I am planning the beetle to look like and under that is a foam head I've already constructed from 1/2 foam.  I need…

Shouldered Torso Pattern Replies 31

Posted by puppetlady on Sep 24, 2008

Puppetbubba asked about patterns that include a torso with shoulders that would be easier to dress.  I recently made one up based on a picture I saw from Dr. Puppet somewhere.  I'm going…

Easy Pattern Making? Replies 5

Posted by David on Jul 02, 2008

Is this the way forward to making puppet patterns... easily?

How to cover my latest puppet? Replies 17

Posted by Craig on Apr 11, 2008

Hi, I have not post in a while, but I have a question.  I am building a puppet for this years VBS.  It is a dinosaur puppet.  I am using Styrofoam to carve the figure, and then I want…

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