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How to advertise puppet workshops for children? Replies 3

Posted by titere on Feb 24, 2012

Hi all!  :waveI wonder, those of you that give workshop for children, how do you get to offer them, and where? Do you advertise in the schools, on the news paper, at the library?? Thanks for any…

Looking for a specific item Replies 8

Posted by MsPuppet on Feb 13, 2012

I am looking for a couple of large rings.  I am going to try to post a picture of the only ones I have seen.  They look like large grommets and I need a 10" diameter.  Anyone have…

kittenz r.i.p. Replies 4

Posted by nall29 on Feb 02, 2012

so it been 1 or 2 years, but i thought i would post this picture of my BABY smelling flowers! he was so cuuuutee! im  so happy my thoughts are withh my baby!!!! R.I.P. Kiddenz!!!!

Muppet press conference Replies 4

Posted by Rikka on Jan 31, 2012

Answer to the Fox News jibe of the muppets being to liberal and brainwashing

puppets in the courtroom! Replies 3

Posted by nall29 on Jan 24, 2012

here is a video i found on cnn today! i thought it was pretty funny hope you guys do to!

Web Site up Replies 3

Posted by MsPuppet on Jan 23, 2012

The web site for the upcoming Children's Ministry Workshop (held annually at our church) is up. Still needs some tweaking, and lots more pictures will be added.  There is nothing there yet…

Thanks to Puppets in Melbourne Replies 10

Posted by Lizzies Lair on Jan 10, 2012

Hi Everyone, I hope this is okay to do...  I wanted to give a shout out to Na from Puppets in Melbourne/School of Puppetry! Since joining this site, everyone has been so supportive of my new…

Michael Montenegro, take a look at his amazing work! Replies 2

Posted by Alucine on Jan 05, 2012

I found this puppeteer and puppet builder (and artistic director), Michael Montenegro. This is his website, , for something he called "Puppet Symbolist…

Whats my Puppet Worth???? Replies 18

Posted by Breise619 on Dec 31, 2011

Hi I'm looking for some help. I was looking around online of where I should go to ask what my puppet is worth and came upon this website. So whats my puppet worth? Its from "Pelham…

Happy New Year Replies 13

Posted by Rikka on Dec 31, 2011

I stumbled across this and I have to say: what a pity that it was never aired in North America. I grew up with this. of course:…

SS Puppet email alert! Replies 6

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 29, 2011

It seems my email account was hacked. If you received a email with a link to a pharmaceutical company do not open... it is a attempt to spread a virus. I'm sorry for this and am looking into…

Approval for Rights Replies 3

Posted by Nikole H. on Dec 25, 2011

Hello!  I know it has been quite awhile since I last posted and that there are so many new members that don't even know me.  I hope I am still welcomed here.    This community…

Puppet School Replies 1

Posted by RYMANOFSTEEL on Dec 23, 2011

Hi guys, I have been puppeteering for a long time now but I am thinking about getting some formal training from a professional to step up my game. Do any of you know about this school in Los Angeles?…

"Thank You" Shawn Replies 9

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 23, 2011

I just wanted to say, "Thank You" Shawn for creating such a great place for us puppet folks to hang out and meet others of similar interest.  It's a privilege to be part of such a…

Zombie Puppets Anonymous Replies 5

Posted by PoorFishy on Dec 21, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! George R. Zombieman's commercial for his new help group - Zombie Puppets Anonymous. I know he is looking forward to meeting all the zombie puppets out there who finally have somewhere…

Well, I must start now, so everybody read it before saturday: Merry Christmas!!! Replies 3

Posted by titere on Dec 20, 2011

Merry Christmas and a terrific and healthy 2012 to all of you and your puppets! I had enjoy very much reading posts here through the whole year, and laugh at photos too. Thanks for a goood time! My…

Even Zombies Enjoy the Spirit of the Season Replies 17

Posted by PoorFishy on Dec 18, 2011

I took my son and my good friend George to the mall today to meet Santa.  It was a lovely afternoon out for George and he hardly ate anyone. 

Relaxing for Christmas Replies 42

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 15, 2011

YEAH!!!!! We are officially closed for the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  Boy, am I looking forward to the next couple of weeks.  Before all this puppet business stuff one of my…

George R. Zombieman Thanks You Replies 1

Posted by PoorFishy on Dec 14, 2011

Hey everyone,My buddy George R. Zombieman has seen some success in building his Facebook friends list, though I don' think he'll make his 500 person goal by Dec. 25.  Nevertheless, here…

SNL Digital Short Replies 7

Posted by PoorFishy on Dec 12, 2011

Andy Samberg + Katy Perry + Val Kilmer + Matt Damon + Weird zombie/bird puppet - good taste = Hilarity!!!!! Caution: NSFW. PS - I have no idea why it's backwards.  But it's still kinda…

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