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Re: More marketing discussion Posted in More marketing discussion on Aug 05, 2013
Hi Na,
I am not sure if I am qualified to speak here as we do not get that much funding directly from puppets, but we do sell some occasionally and sometimes get donations for seminars, with which to keep our 'ministry' going. We do run our puppetry accounts separate from personal accounts , so in a way I do do some  sort of  business planning. First We  have a large  plan , one that may or may not even happen, but is where we would like to be in say 5 or 10 years. There then has to be some  sort of loose plan of action based on that so that you know where you are headed, and when people ask you  you  can tell them roughly. Then there is  a yearly thing. Usually over the new year break I do a summary of what we have  achieved through the year, and think about what I would like to achieve the coming year. Certain things therefore come to mind that need to be achieved, and in a rough time line.Seminars, workshops and certain events  help to set dates , and therefore also help to define what you need to do and by when. Of course all of this is loose, but you try to get some sort of idea to help point you in a direction and keep you on that direction. A lot depends on where you would like to head.
Re: A budding puppeteer? Posted in A budding puppeteer? on Jun 15, 2013
oh yes! definitely get him involved.  sounds like good puppeteer material
Re: Patsy's Season Finale is Here Posted in Patsy's Season Finale is Here on Jun 13, 2013
Yes you are right  The Director, its not for everyone, but you are definitely refining things. Frogo would like  Patsy to do a short clip on what she packs when she travels(thought I'd pass that one on). and yep.. you have committed yourself to another season. you can't just leave it hanging like that. does Millie recover?
Re: Help Save Floppy Posted in Help Save Floppy on Jun 12, 2013
I hop you get better arthurs, and that floppy gets saved
Re: Hines's Puppet Posted in Hines's Puppet on Jun 12, 2013
Yeah, I like him/it too.
Re: Frazer Hines with Fuzzwatt Posted in Frazer Hines with Fuzzwatt on Jun 05, 2013
yeah, make him one!
Re: My First Art Show Posted in My First Art Show on May 10, 2013
I must say you are a very active puppet guy. Love your stuff.
Re: Internet Trolls "With Patsy" Posted in Internet Trolls "With Patsy" on May 10, 2013
Yeah I agree. GO GIRL! Wherever did you dig that troll up from?
Re: What I've Made Up Till The Last One Posted in What I've Made Up Till The Last One on Apr 13, 2013
Good work. It is always inspiring to see what other people are making ad doing.
Re: It's me! Posted in It's me! on Mar 13, 2013
Good to hear you are still there. I too am reeeennnndddeeerrring right now. slow going. It will be nice to see your next episode.