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Need Help - Not my gifting Replies 13

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Feb 29, 2012's the thing.  I am coordinating the building of several musical instrument props for a client.  They will be air brushed foam.  One of the instruments is an electric…

Requesting quote on marionette maker for hire Replies 0

Posted by sunlee on Feb 26, 2012

Hello,I am inquiring on behalf of Excelsior Entertainment for a quote on hiring a marionette maker.Below is the fundamental job description:Life-size female marionette to be built a la Being John…

Would like to commission a custom caricature glove puppet Replies 5

Posted by Gillette on Feb 24, 2012

I am interested in receiving quotes on a custom caricature glove puppet similar to the ones in the movie "What about Bob?" I would be able to supply 2D digital photos of the person I would…

Puppet hats Replies 2

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Feb 22, 2012

Does anyone remember what those puppet hats were called?  They posted a video a couple of months ago trying to get support for their project.Julie

Wash. DC Area Actors and Actresses with Puppetry Experience Replies 0

Posted by jeffbragg on Feb 22, 2012

Open audition for a professional children’s variety show done with puppets. Think Muppet Show Live for kids. You will need to bring a headshot and resume. You will need to bring your own puppet to the…

Perez Hilton's "Get The Muppets On The Oscars!" Petition Replies 2

Posted by Ron Arnold on Feb 13, 2012

Thought I'd pass this along:    Target: The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences    Sponsored by: PerezHilton.comAt…

How much does one reveal? Replies 15

Posted by Na on Feb 12, 2012

I have just received an email from someone who wants to know how to make one of my shadow puppets. It's not a design I will be using anymore, however it's also not something I offer as a…

Puppet taxidermy Replies 7

Posted by Na on Feb 11, 2012

I know Staceyrebecca is a member here, but since she doesn't come here often I thought I'd post this for her... She recently posted a pic of a great display…

information on a puppet Replies 10

Posted by bbyrd on Feb 05, 2012

hi guys.. not sure if anyone can help me here... recently a friend gave me an Abraham Lincoln puppet. I'm just trying to find out more information on it since I only have the head. who may have…

Puppetry Jobs Replies 5

Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Feb 04, 2012

 Hey everyone I am graduating from college in the Spring and I am wondering where I find a job in puppetry?I am interested in both making and performing and I have heard they are both separate.…

Puppets in Therapy Replies 9

Posted by Gail on Jan 28, 2012

My brother in law started a counseling center. He took one of my puppets to work and got a little boy who had not talked in months to say his first words. He was so thrilled, he asked if I had any…

Amazing Spider Puppet! Replies 7

Posted by Marvin on Jan 23, 2012

Check out the amazing spider puppet that this guy made!

How do you describe puppetry? Replies 11

Posted by Na on Jan 08, 2012

I'm not talking about definitions, but verbs to describe the use of puppets. Ie. play, experiment, etc. I want to collect a list of words that people would typically use when…

Playing With Shadows Replies 7

Posted by EKPastor on Jan 02, 2012

Thank God Christmas is over! Our annual show at Victory went well, and many people enjoyed it. I'd post video but we apparently haven't put any together yet. At any rate, I'm posting…

Texas Ventriloquist and Puppet Gathering Replies 9

Posted by Ron Arnold on Dec 30, 2011

Earlier this year, there was a gathering of ventriloquist and puppeteers in Texas. It featured ventriloquist, puppeteers, hard and soft figures and marionettes. It was the first gathering in Texas of…

Puppet Help Replies 9

Posted by RichVStone on Dec 26, 2011

I'm working on this puppet and I need advice. I'm linking the front and side of this puppet. I tried building the back of the head to where the jaw meets and it seems to severely limit the…

Stop Motion Puppetry - 1913 Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Dec 24, 2011

Wanted to share this with folks. really is amazing stop motion. You can read more about the animator/puppeteer behind this at

Looking for a Samoyed puppet or pattern...HELP!!! Replies 12

Posted by Greg on Dec 20, 2011

Hello all, I am a full time childrens magician from MA. About a year and a half ago i rescued a samoyed and I want to create a puppet character for my shows (I do educational magic programs for…

Best puppetry sites of 2011 Replies 9

Posted by Na on Dec 15, 2011

I just published my top 5 (really top 6) list of puppetry sites for the year. There's a lot of great stuff that people here might be interested in checking out: a blog on automata, two on stop…

Cute robot puppet Replies 9

Posted by Na on Dec 08, 2011

Just saw this on Youtube and wanted to share:

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