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Please help me ... puppet lining issues! Replies 8

Posted by puppetfan on Jul 20, 2012

HiI'm a newbie here and don't know if this has maybe been covered somewhere else - so apologies if it is  I have my first complete puppet and am only now wondering how to go about…

puppet stands? Replies 15

Posted by yalaurie on Jul 18, 2012

What do you all use to to build and/or display puppets? I am giving a puppet to my niece for her birthday and I wanted to give her a stand with it. I usually build and display mine on sewing machine…

"Art of the Muppets" puppet build scans Replies 10

Posted by Coz_UK on Jul 15, 2012

Okay, so I got this (now well out of print) book the other day, and have been mining it for build info pics!I scanned & enlarged the pics as some are really small.Large scans in my Photobucket…

Making bodies for vents. Replies 1

Posted by The Director on Jul 11, 2012

  I am working mostly with Pelham ventriloquist puppets.  when they were first sold in the 70s they did not have bodies or legs.  Of course you have to use your own hands.  Later…

Gonzo Replies 8

Posted by stevritt on Jul 10, 2012

I am attempting to make a Gonzo the great puppet. Anyone have any suggestions?

Workshops and Webinars from the Center for Puppetry Arts Replies 2

Posted by CtrPuppetryArts on Jul 10, 2012

We have many wonderful workshops available for people interested in all forms of puppetry at all skill levels. We are very excited that we can make many of these workshops available as webinars for…

Breaking the RULES on making a as well! Replies 13

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jul 10, 2012

This is a very different way of making a puppet...however as I always say there are no RULES in art...this guy has no lessons at all and just created it in his own I will say that this…

Chain Chomp Puppet (i.e. is anyone else heading down to Comic Con?) Replies 15

Posted by Lola on Jul 09, 2012

I wanted a puppet to take down to San Diego with me for the con. Anyone who has been can tell you that it is crazy crowded, and hot as all get out! I came up with a geek related solution. I made a…

Review - Puppet School (Los Angeles) Replies 22

Posted by Lola on Jul 08, 2012

Hey everyone! I just posted my review of the puppet school over on my blog.

Ok, I' going to start my first build this week. Replies 10

Posted by Wheels47130 on Jul 08, 2012

Yep, I'm taking the next step and going to start making some puppets. I am starting with The Glorified Sock Puppet because it most resembles Fraggle style. I'm starting with the pattern then I…

New guy, new first puppet! Now with added Nose Pattern! Replies 20

Posted by Coz_UK on Jul 05, 2012

Hey folks!First off, meet Nino! He's currently my roomy. He tells me he has a famous cousin in the States on some TV show, but I think he's pulling my leg.He thinks that tee is really funny.…

Vents 101 Replies 6

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 02, 2012

I'm going to start a new thread called "Vents 101" with hopes that we can attract some vent builders to help us with tips and techniques in building ventriloquist figures. I think this…

Olaf the Viking Replies 31

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 30, 2012

Hi Everyone,this is Olaf in progress. Hopefully he will turn out as I had envisioned him. I am trying to, decide on a breast plate. i thought about craft foam, leather,  not sure which way I will…

inconjunction Replies 4

Posted by mike on Jun 26, 2012

Hi Guys and gals,I know this is short notice but I wanted to let you know that I am going to be a guest at convention. will be talking on the Movies and TV shows that I…

Painted Eyes Replies 16

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 26, 2012

I decided to test paint eyes on fleece. I began with two coats of gesso white, followed by one coat of shiny white. Using a hair drier to speed up drying time.Then I applied my base color for my eye ,…

Looking for all kinds of eyes Replies 8

Posted by lwatkins on Jun 26, 2012

I am looking for a wide variety of puppet eyes. Everyone suggests Mercury PlasticsI left them a message and they sent me a catalog but no price list. They will not return my messages or emails Someone…

Dying Silky Fleece Replies 3

Posted by lwatkins on Jun 26, 2012

Does anyone know how to dye silky fleece? It is 100% polyester so it doesnt accept dye or maybe soemone has some blacklight colors I can buy?

Eureka moment for prototype! Replies 20

Posted by Lizzies Lair on Jun 25, 2012

Hey P&Sians,Total eureka moment! So awesome!  I had been wanting to make this character for months but really struggled with the design. Friday night it came to me and today, huzzah,…

Carving foam? Replies 10

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 24, 2012

Are there any good tutorials on carving foam , and what tools do you use?

I need Ideas for Puppet Stands Replies 16

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 21, 2012

  Hi ,I would love to here some ideas for puppet stands. I thought of placing a ball on a wood dowel with a platform at the bottom. Any other Ideas?

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