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japanes shark Replies 2

Posted by gompie on Nov 03, 2010

I found this on the internet. It is the first one of 8 video's of making a shark. It looks great !!!

Live SKYPE Puppetry Coaching with Paul Louis Replies 5

Posted by Paul Louis on Oct 12, 2010

Hi, all.  I often get Emails from folks wanting advice on how to properly perform puppets.  I recently started using SKYPE to speak to family members back home.  It suddenly occurred to…

True Blood- True Mud Replies 7

Posted by frankiel on Sep 23, 2010

I love the programme True blood and when i stumbled across this preview for seasame street i had to hare it!AH the code didn't work i will find the clip on you tube and then reply to this thread!

100 years ago, Fritz Herbert Bross Replies 3

Posted by Helmut Schmidt on Aug 29, 2010

On the occasion of the 100th Birthday of Fritz Herbert  Bross, if he were still alive, will be held in Bad Kreuznach an exhibition: 100 years ago, Herbert Fritz Bross was born. He has since the…

Foundations of Puppetry Replies 3

Posted by Angel in Tx on Aug 10, 2010

I don't recall seeing this linked here, and if it is in the wrong forum you can move it.  But I thought these were well done and very helpful to new puppeteers.No Longer Available@Shawn, I…

Pacific Northwest Region Meetup Site Replies 0

Posted by Puppeteer_Elly on Aug 10, 2010

If you are in the PNW Region, please join the new regional meetup group: paid for it, it's free for all the guilds in the region to…

Puppet chemistry Replies 0

Posted by Jorge on Jul 20, 2010

I have received in my job this little puppet movie with puppets. It is an ad from a laboratory equipment manufacturer hope the devices are better than puppeters …

Gouache Paper Puppets Replies 4

Posted by Nikole H. on Jul 16, 2010

For those that know me, I am a huge fan of paper as the medium of choice in puppetry.  While browsing on Etsy, I came across a delightful French illustrator's shop that has turned their…

Rod manipulation related topic... Replies 4

Posted by Sandra on Jul 05, 2010

Hi all,I was wondering if some of you had encountered in the past a video about rod manipulation. I know that it takes alot of practice, but it could be nice to have a basic idea about how puppeteers…

$10,000 is buried in New York City. Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Jun 24, 2010  is a treasure map. There is a wooden chest buried somewhere within the five boroughs of New York City, and it is filled with $10,000 in U.S.…

Where can I find a Kermit voice?! Replies 1

Posted by ifonlyalabama on Jun 20, 2010

Hi all, I want to make a recording with a Kermit the frog voice.  Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could find one - either someone who can do a good Kermit impersonation, or a…

Pockets Full of Fun Blog Replies 2

Posted by LJ on Jun 18, 2010

My puppets have been telling me that they want a place to post their feelings and ideas so I decided to start a Blog for them. I am going to try to keep things interesting but it may be a bit of a…

Birth of a Mascot Replies 2

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jun 11, 2010

What is the best cam for a puppet show? Replies 13

Posted by Serenity Frost on May 25, 2010

I want to do a review show that's hosted by my puppet. The shtick is that she's hosting the show and I'm her assistant who sits slightly off camera reading a book, however I'm not…

Where do you host your website? Replies 12

Posted by Gabriel G on May 18, 2010

Hey everyone,I'm looking into good webhosts to host a new website for my team. Thankfully, Free Domain Registration now seems to be common place and it's just a matter of choosing which one…

Pulcinello Animation Replies 3

Posted by Nikole H. on May 16, 2010

Today I visited our local Science Center here in Singapore because they had a Pixar animation exhibit celebrating 20 years of Pixar Animation.  We finally got to see the original Toy Story in 3D…

The dream of Pierrot Replies 4

Posted by Helmut Schmidt on May 06, 2010

Hello friends of the string puppet. take a look here though! The dream of Pierrot Scene from my program with puppets greetings H. Schmidt

Looking for a video.. Replies 12

Posted by BrutalSlakt on Apr 25, 2010

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a video and I don't remember where I found it. I forgot to bookmark it of course!It's two puppeteers walking around outside, I think it's maybe at a fair.…

Looking for a specific black light puppet company... Replies 8

Posted by Chensational on Apr 14, 2010

Okay,    Let's see what you amazing super sleuths can find out.  A while back there was a post on the forum about an amazing black light company.  I think they were from…

Ballerina on youtube Replies 11

Posted by Rpage on Apr 05, 2010

Not sure if this was ever posted before here, but have a look! It is amazing movement. Does anyone know where I can find information about these types of puppets? Or how they are built? The arm…

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