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Professional reallife marionette dog for sale Replies 7

Posted by Puppetdog on Jul 17, 2014

Hi,I'm selling a professional, handmade marionette, because I need money for my family. The puppet is handmade by Brigitte Schneider, a real artist!…

New Kids Show on YouTube Replies 12

Posted by Shawn on Jun 29, 2014

Hey PandS members check out Paul Louis's new puppet channel for young kids.JellyBeanKidsTV offers unique, original, creative programming to help young children learn and grow, ... teaching love,…

Poopy Puppetry Replies 9

Posted by ArthurS on Jun 25, 2014

I am totally not sure how I feel about the comercial I saw last night:Dairy Poop: Madam of Manure

Cat eatting a Dog Replies 0

Posted by Furfaces on Jun 21, 2014

Hey everyone, here is a new episode of the Fur Faces! When a giant cat gets hungry, he tries to eat a tiny dog! Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Great resource for diagrams of puppets Replies 5

Posted by Na on May 21, 2014 this and wanted to share. Although most of the links there aren't in English, there are a LOT of…

shadow puppets Replies 2

Posted by edventure on May 10, 2014

hi all this is my first ever go at shadow puppets. there will be more as the story unfolds

new puppet game app - ios / android Replies 5

Posted by bobsmo on May 04, 2014

Hi - Recently released a new game app that uses the amzing black light puppets from Spyglass Theater.SCUBA with Prof. Nautilus Game app for ios or android. Pilot his deep diving contraption down into…

Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Replies 4

Posted by Lola on Apr 30, 2014

Hello everyone! I am making a new pinterest page listing puppeteers, since I get asked about performers so often. If you have a page/website, and would like to be included, please post below with the…

Alternatives to Flickr Replies 10

Posted by Na on Apr 10, 2014

Does anyone have any suggestions? Apparently I've just been conned into paying more money to Flickr because of some hidden autorenewal stuff and I'm pretty mad at them. I'd like to…

FOA Schwarz Muppets Replies 7

Posted by yalaurie on Apr 09, 2014;jsessionid=pXhnTmJbJ6mQ6yF6GCW9RLhKJKGJLcp4YHhzGnlvfdCfWsqcb2T9!808355204I love this... and I hate this... I love it because if I was little this would be…

Chinese shadow puppetry Replies 0

Posted by Na on Apr 04, 2014

Stumbled on this today and it looks like a very good resource. The links page is worth checking, as well as the blog. I took a brief look at their DIY section too which looked to be useful for…

Puppets from Saturn Replies 0

Posted by squirrely on Mar 26, 2014

Hi everyone.  It's been a long time since I've been back.  I want to say I have made 16 videos of my puppet team-Puppets from Saturn.  I've practiced, been downtown, and…

Puppet On Puppet Crime Replies 0

Posted by Furfaces on Mar 23, 2014

Hey Guys, in this episode Bear Bear invites you to play Monopoly. Until someone decides to rob the game!

Around the world Replies 2

Posted by The Director on Mar 18, 2014

             An interesting thing has happened.   My character Patsy Hoolahan of course has a youtube channel and it has been a struggle to get…

Overwhelmed - PLEASE Help Me! Replies 23

Posted by LaLainya on Mar 12, 2014

I have been searching on the internet for days and have now become so desperate I am contacting random strangers on facebook who have puppet making as their interest. *I* am not interested in puppet…

Mini puppet theatres Replies 0

Posted by Na on Mar 11, 2014

Found this today and thought I'd share it. I think they're for party favours.

Smoking Puppets Replies 8

Posted by Furfaces on Feb 19, 2014

Three year old Bear Bear has a smoking problem. He enjoys his Marlboro cigarettes in the bathroom. But something goes terribly wrong when Fat Cat tries to convince him the dangers of smoking. Also if…

Life Of A Smelly Sock Puppet Replies 0

Posted by Furfaces on Feb 08, 2014

Hey guys, while doing laundry a toy and sock debate who has a more significant purpose in serving people. Whats more important to you toys or socks?

Show about a Princess Replies 0

Posted by Ystava on Jan 26, 2014

Hello everyone,We just finished the second season about Princess. Here she is getting married:and this is her travel just before the wedding:Thank you for you attention. Comments would be greatly…

Our New Website Replies 9

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jan 20, 2014

Hey everyone. The website switch went well.  The new site is open for business.  Unfortunately since the previous site was soooo old the customer data did not transfer. Please register on…

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