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Portrait puppet of a portrait puppet - don't stare too long Replies 5

Posted by Ron G. on Feb 12, 2009

I found this funny recursive animated GIF online, and have been staring at it WAY too long... Ron G.

Magazine writeup Replies 9

Posted by Bhanu on Feb 10, 2009

Hi Just check the link.....a small writeup about my work that appearedin the latest India Today Magazine this week.…

Hobey Ford Downloads Replies 4

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 03, 2009

This is a very interesting site from Hobey Ford which offers some free downloads. D.

Baby and Hatching Egg in nest Replies 12

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jan 26, 2009

While I should be concentrating on things at hand like my website, organizing my work shop, things like that. I new baby has been born into my family Hayleigh . I am so captivated with this sweet…

Moving eyes Replies 4

Posted by Nutbar on Jan 25, 2009

Moving Eyes I have been playing with blinking eyes on puppets but has anyone tried combining blinking and moving eyes on a foam puppet?? (Kind of like a Ventriloquist puppet)

Baxter dog! Replies 5

Posted by miguel on Jan 22, 2009

Hi, guys!I got a question! (Now reading some post from you about Dave Privetts) I checked His web, and Saw the Baxter dog kid. Is that kid a foam head pattern? Does anyone got this kid? Is it good?…

vellux Replies 1

Posted by yesterdog on Jan 22, 2009

Any one use vellux blankets for noses and stuff ?  Any good ?  The blankets are on sale at Walmart and they are so cuddly.....

Antron Back in stock Replies 15

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jan 20, 2009

I just got this email from Brandi of Georgia stageWe will be receiving the fleece in from the mill today or tomorrow.If you would like to place an order for the yardage.  Please provide the…

It's been a Year!!! Replies 3

Posted by Jon on Jan 16, 2009

Well the clendar tells me that its been a year since I signed up here at Puppets and Stuff and I want to thank all of you that have helped make this first year with puppets such a joy.  You…

fab foam marshmellows Replies 9

Posted by yesterdog on Jan 15, 2009

Well I did it.  I sold my 48" floor loom and warping wheel to buy puppet building materials.  My husband couldn't believe it.  He said "this is serious!".  So I…

Sonny's Puppets Replies 19

Posted by Sonny on Jan 09, 2009

Hello Gang,Its been a while since I uploaded some of the puppets I have made. I really havent followed a guide line or an assembly line. I just make em' as I go. Amongst some, are custom order…

Just Wondering Replies 1

Posted by Angel on Jan 03, 2009

Hi all,Has anyone heard anything from Michele lately? Just wondering since she hasn't posted in a while.  I hope all is well with her and her family.Angel

A Cool Chrsitmas Gift Replies 10

Posted by Jon on Dec 25, 2008

Today was Christmas and this morning when we were sharing gifts my eldest daughter presented me with the coolest little gift.  She was very proud to have bought it with her own money.  I t…

Spoon puppets at it again Replies 10

Posted by Rcdspoon on Dec 19, 2008

Hey Gang,The Gang and I got together and put out a new xmas vid over at you tube...We hope you like it... and I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great NEW Year!!! Video Removed From…

Puppets at the stable in Bethlehem Replies 6

Posted by Jorge on Dec 16, 2008

I was writing a few Christmas postcards to my friends and I realize that one of the wise men (the last) brings a puppet!I have not modify the post card. For those that not know, here in Spain it is…

Looking for something for kids to perform Replies 4

Posted by Pletoo on Dec 09, 2008

I have just received word that the local community theatre group that normally does a musical with kids in grades K-6th is doing one for grades 3rd -8th this year and my two nieces are horribly…

Not a puppet, but a possible inspiration for one Replies 8

Posted by Ron G. on Dec 08, 2008

Cthulhu is a character from stories by HP Lovecraft, in old pulp magazines such as Weird Tales. Lovecraft and his old school scary stories are still very popular today, 80+ years later, with a…

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 26, 2008

To Everyone.................. Id like to take this time to say how Thankful I am to have friends like you. May God Bless each of you on this special day and please enjoy friends and family. While your…

Another strange puppet-related video Replies 4

Posted by Ron G. on Nov 22, 2008

Another kinda sorta puppet-related video from days gone by. This is a curiously mechanized cross between a marionette and a ventriloquist-type puppet - in the shape of an anthropomorphic guitar.…

Barbara Dewey Replies 0

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 21, 2008

I got a email from Barbara Dewey................. She loves that everyone is using the pattern and enjoying the videos. She does ask one thing...................... to let her see a picture of the…

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