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cloth dolls Replies 2

Posted by erikawildrick on Apr 29, 2014

I just posted a couple pictures of some of the cloth dolls I've made. The joints are loose, and that's what led me into this puppet making phase. I guess you might say they're…

A for Artistic Replies 1

Posted by wyohming on Aug 14, 2013

I'm currently on a most wonderful online ball jointed doll making online course with Joe MacPhale through the A for Artistic website. I can't recommend the course enough or the admin of the…

Policewoman Replies 11

Posted by cristina1984 on Dec 24, 2012

Done in Goma Eva, don't know its name in English ¿? i'ts a kind of tiny coloured foam...  More pics in my blog:

Need some pointers on doll making. Replies 7

Posted by AWS Puppets on Dec 12, 2012

I am making a children's book using photography and miniatures instead of illustrations. Hallmark has actually put out a line of books that does this. Was wondering if anyone knew of any books or…

Red Riding Hood Polymer and Cloth art doll Replies 3

Posted by littlebitwired on Sep 26, 2011

If anyone is interested in see how I created my last art doll Red Riding Hood you can follow her progress here at my blog: show…

Getting ready for halloween with my nasty dolls Replies 8

Posted by zionsphere on Jul 29, 2011

This is a preview of some of my hand made bear-ly lovable teddy scares,

Hairspraying wigs? Replies 5

Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 17, 2011

I bought a few doll wigs for a new project I have been working on (will post completed puppets along with in-process pictures very soon! Considering that the puppets will be packed and unpacked and…

Bronwyn - Felt Doll Replies 51

Posted by Rosie H on Jun 13, 2011

I'm busy making up the instructions for Bronwyn, so I can sell the pattern in my shop. She stands at around 18" tall. She's 'Spring' in the collection of forest characters. She…

Hand Sewn ghost baby Replies 6

Posted by zionsphere on Apr 03, 2011

This is a ghost doll I once made for a set I did about an ancient japanese ghost story where pregnant mothers who had passed away gave birth in their graves. I only have the doll left and his charms…

Just a wooden doll Replies 5

Posted by amarionette on Feb 23, 2011

Soon she become a marionetteThose two below are waiting to be marionettes too.Now they al are dolls, wooden dolls

Some of my pieces Replies 1

Posted by JaymesMansfield on Jan 09, 2011

I'm a feverish doll maker. I make them out of felt. The girl group dolls are a set of six that actually won me a gold key from the Scholastic Art Awards.

Working on a Charlie Chaplin Commission Replies 3

Posted by littlebitwired on Oct 23, 2010

Come see my blog as I post my work in progress on a Charlie Chaplin art doll.

my adventure in paper clay sculpting Replies 11

Posted by MissElly on May 25, 2010

Hello everyone,I received a gift of paper clay and ventured into sculpting these days. here is my step by step first doll today the…

Figures, small dolls! UPDATE Replies 5

Posted by titere on May 01, 2010

Well, well.... I am making small figures, for a cardboard and paper castle I made for my son. They fit under the "doll" category on this forum, so I present them here.The figures are around…

bunny girl WIP Replies 13

Posted by MissElly on Apr 22, 2010

A former boyfriend of mine,in Vienna, Austria, saw my dolls blog the other day and asked me for a bunny.I can call this my first commission. He is 57, single, no relatives, no pets. As his birthday…

born yesterday Replies 10

Posted by MissElly on Apr 20, 2010

literally, the idea was born yesterday.this kitty is supposed to be a puppet for kids hands.I am not sure about the face. I might change things. What do you think?

New Doll - Eleanor Replies 16

Posted by Rosie H on Feb 03, 2010

Hey all, just thought I'd post a picture of a new doll I made this week, the pattern is from Blue Heron Dolls, pattern is intermediate and really easy to…

Need free puppet patterns! Replies 13

Posted by Toni0552 on Jul 31, 2009

Hi everyone so can someone give me free puppet patterns ?? plz i really need it and it would be great if someone could give me a pattern over some sesame street puppets thank you my email is…

Need pattern! Replies 8

Posted by puppet0552 on Jul 29, 2009

  Hihi i need a pattern for puppet making, it can be monster or just normal pattern. Beucause i am starting and i need a pattern.thanx

Restored and customized My Little Pony (big pictures.) Replies 11

Posted by LuckyCat on May 28, 2009

Hi folks. I thought I'd show this girl off.This was for a "Beast to Beauty" contest where the goal was to take an original beat up pony and make her beautiful. Here is the…

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