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Re: Real Battle Posted in Real Battle on Sep 12, 2014
Check out our feed over at YouTube:  Some of the playlist will show you the YT videos out there on making puppets.
Influencer Marketing Posted in Influencer Marketing on Aug 30, 2014
I saw this article over at my hosting companies blog.

It is pretty general but thought it had some good tips. Influencer marketing is when you create a relationship with someone who others listen to so you can get them interested in your product so they will talk about it to others.

While the article is focused on social media, I think this can also apply to people in your local area that you may want to establish a relationship with. For example if you have a library show you may want to connect up with local librarians or even school teachers. Of course the head librarian or the principle or head of the PTA may be your best targets in this case since they would be the folks that others may be listening to.

Re: Recycled Pringles Tube Puppet Posted in Recycled Pringles Tube Puppet on Aug 08, 2014
I think the hinge is just the foam and felt. Would really all that would be needed for something like this.

Very cute! These would be great projects for the school room.
Re: Kinetic creatures Posted in Kinetic creatures on Aug 06, 2014
Cool!  I thought this was going to be the large sculptures built that you see outside on the beach.  I had not seen these before.
Freelancers Union Posted in Freelancers Union on Aug 01, 2014
I actually saw a note about this over at Puppet Hub awhile back and thought it might be worth sharing here.  This is only in the US but it is possible there are things in other countries also.

The site allows you to search by zipcode to find benefit packages that are available in your area. In my area found some offerings although it did not have any Medical offerings. It did say Medical was coming soon.
Re: Please help. Looking for a long-lost VHS of 'The Nutcracker' w/ marionettes. Posted in Please help. Looking for a long-lost VHS of 'The Nutcracker' w/ marionettes. on Aug 01, 2014
Where did you live when you saw these?  The reason I ask is because often local stations get a hold of things that are not shown nationally.  Knowing where you lived might help others track it down.  It might also be something you could use to track it down. You could perhaps contact the local stations and see if maybe they had any info. They may or may not be willing to help out but it is worth a try.

I'll keep my eyes out for anything like this but it does not ring a bell.
Re: new web page Posted in new web page on Aug 01, 2014
Yeah! You finally have a website!  It's great to see some of your designs and other work. 

The only comments I would have about the site itself, would be that I think you need to incorporate your BeaVega Design logo into the the header of the site so it is on each page and I would like to see more text about each image you share.  I do love pictures but the search engines what to see text on a page so they know what the page is about.

Re: marionette controller Posted in marionette controller on Jul 27, 2014
Well it looks to be a variation on a classic horizontal airplane control.  Looks to me to be the basic controls for a marionette. Tracked down the name in the upper right corner of the company and they have a website. Maybe they could provide more information.
Re: Illustration Posted in Illustration on Jul 11, 2014
Looks great! I notice your Avatar changed earlier today. Beatriz does really nice work.
Create a Dark Crystal Creature - Contest! Posted in Create a Dark Crystal Creature - Contest! on Jul 09, 2014
Ever wanted to create your own Dark Crystal creature. Now is the time! Henson studios is holding a contest.