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Christmas gift: Puppets! Replies 5

Posted by TygerMin on Dec 25, 2013

Kids loved their gifts, and being only the 4th and 5th puppets I have put together, glad they don't notice the flaws :D  Have promised arms as a future add on :p

First (vent) puppet help Replies 4

Posted by Mujician on Dec 13, 2013

Hi, I've posted on the forum before, but life got in the way. I want to make a couple of puppets, for ventriloquism. I know of the existence of project puppet. As I'm in the uk I wondered if…

What should I do with this? Replies 4

Posted by Na on Dec 10, 2013

It's a toy theatre I made in 2007. It's currently sitting in my hallway, collecting dust. I don't particularly want to throw it out but I'm rather sick of it taking up storage…

I an trying to locate Nice Braga with "Puppets Brazil" Replies 10

Posted by John829 on Dec 05, 2013

Hello..I am trying to locate Nice Braga with Puppets Brazil.  I have been on her site to order one of her puppet kit.  But I have not received any reply…

Need songs for Jim. Replies 0

Posted by Arachanox on Dec 04, 2013

would anyone like to see Jim (My puppet) sing a song? and maybe dance to it, too? What are some funny songs, and what would you like to see? Anything is much appreciated!

A little Chirstmas joy! Replies 1

Posted by Shawn on Dec 03, 2013

Since it is after Thanksgiving now thought it would be nice to have some Christmas music! This is Little Drummer Boy performed by Pentatonix.  Great A Capella group. Feel free to share your…

Need name for a new puppet Replies 3

Posted by Jungle joe on Dec 02, 2013

Hi, I got this new bird puppet few days ago and have to use it in one of my kids entertainment shows. But I am totally out of new ideas and really struggling to find something that really matches its…

Meet Rufus Replies 30

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Nov 27, 2013

Hi All,I have just finished a build that I am super proud of and just wanted to share with all you talented people who understand and appreciate all things puppet! This is Rufus, hes a Live hand…

Shop For A Cop Video Replies 5

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Nov 27, 2013

We did this video as a surprise for our local Sheriff's office and sent it to them to help them promote their annual Shop with a Cop program.  We got a call today saying the Sheriff loves…

What I do for about the last 6 weeks of the year. Replies 4

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Nov 23, 2013

This is what I look like for the next several weeks. Ho Ho Ho!

Puppet Video Chatroom Replies 5

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Nov 18, 2013

Has anyone tried creating (or is there one already in existence) a video chatroom?  Putting puppets in front of webcams for some improv conversations with each other could be a real blast.

Monster Matchup Replies 21

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Nov 17, 2013

I've created 2 new characters for what I hope will be a weekly series.  My wife had the idea... we built for a week... then I was up until 6am voicing, performing, and editing the…

New show, "No, you shut up" Replies 3

Posted by Gail on Nov 16, 2013

New puppet show on television, Fusion network, "No, you shut up" with comedian Paul Thompkins.  We saw two episodes and they were so funny.  I love the Buzzard, and the…

Does anyone know of and Australian Stockist of Antron? Replies 32

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Oct 29, 2013

Hi All P&S peeps. Just wondering if there is an Australian stockist of Antron as the postage from USA is a killer! Or a suitable alternative that is dyeable? Thanks in advance

Kate Monster fur ? Replies 3

Posted by THEIDOMINICM on Oct 18, 2013

Hi ya'lldoes anybody know what type of fur kate monster has?thanks Dom Montero        

Arms Length & David Pannabecker Replies 5

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Oct 12, 2013

Does anyone have any info on what happened to Arms Length and/or the David Pannabecker puppet building kits?  I've always been interested in purchasing them, but never got around to…

horizontal or vertical controller ? Replies 9

Posted by gtwllsn on Oct 09, 2013

Hello,I just bought a marionette on Tony Sinnett shop puppet is Dancing Mouse (with 7…

PuppetVision Documentary: Take Two Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Oct 02, 2013 is taking another run at raising funds for his documentary.  This time they are going through Indiegogo, so anything you…

Puppet Jokes Replies 0

Posted by andruppets on Sep 30, 2013

Hi everyone! I was asked to do a stand up puppet show for a girl scout group. I was just planning on bringing some puppets in and have them tell jokes and stuff. Do you know any good, child…

Fox Puppet Video Replies 3

Posted by Shunaka on Sep 03, 2013

Greetings Everyone,Here is a video of Funky Fox on his first outing.  This is casual walk-around puppetry, no scripts and entirely improv.  Also, since this was a furry fan meet-up,  a…

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