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A Night With Puppeteers Replies 6

Posted by Puppeteer_Elly on Jan 17, 2014

At our last PNW Puppetry Meetup, a photographer came to take photos.  Here are the pictures he put up on Flickr:A Flickr Set called: A Night With PuppeteersYou get to see my workshop, some of my…

New puppet. (Jim is back) Replies 2

Posted by Arachanox on Jan 13, 2014

So it has been a while since I have done anything with Jim. I took along break over the Holidays. But now he's back and ready for action. I'm gonna do my best to get him out and about. Gonna…

Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Replies 6

Posted by Gail on Jan 06, 2014

Animatronic Beaker puppet instructions found on web called Beaker-Bot.  I got the instructions to download and saved it to a WORD document,  BUT WARNING!   it also downloaded several…

Chinese Shadow Puppetry: A Love Story - Workshop and Webinar Replies 0

Posted by CtrPuppetryArts on Dec 19, 2013

Chinese Shadow Puppetry: A Love StoryPresented by Annie Rollins, Fulbright Fellow in Chinese Shadow PuppetryMon, Jan 13, 2014, 7pm - 9pmonsite and webinarAges 14 & up (Intermediate -…

Puppets performing Shakespeare plays Replies 3

Posted by Furfaces on Dec 07, 2013

Hello everyone, been a long time since I've posted. A friend of mine from puppet class has cool concept, creating Shakespeare plays performed with stuff animals. Also here is some of her sweet…

Best way to acquire a Camera crew? Replies 5

Posted by Arachanox on Nov 20, 2013

So Jim's channel has been doing well for me, but I'm not completely satisfied with the quality of the videos and production. Which is why I'm in need of a camera crew who would do well…

Need ideas for a new puppet Replies 5

Posted by Jungle joe on Nov 20, 2013

Hi Everyone, I introduced a new puppet to my collection and need some really good ideas. Its a Giraffe puppet, with latex head and hooves. Nice tall, full body and tried my best to make it good…

Ruffus The Dog Replies 6

Posted by Ruffus The Dog on Nov 16, 2013

Ruffus The Dog can be found online at:  http://www.ruffusthedog.netWe started out on broadcast television and won a bunch of awards.  When our producers got the rights back they decided to…

The Charlie RAP Replies 1

Posted by Morgana Box on Nov 08, 2013

Hello,You can watch our first video of our puppet Charlie. For the moment it is in spanish, but we will put some subtitles for english speakers. We are already working in more videos.Hope you enjoy…

Crash Boom Replies 5

Posted by TygerMin on Nov 06, 2013

Stumbled across this channel on YouTube: is currently working on Viva la Puppets! which he is seeking audience participation on an online…

PUPPETS review 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Replies 0

Posted by Bill and Erin on Nov 05, 2013

PUPPETS review '12 Years a Slave.' Call it 'One of the Best Films of the Year!'

How to use two rod arms in a puppet show Replies 0

Posted by Jungle joe on Sep 30, 2013

Using two rod arms at a time in a puppet show makes your shows more professional and gives your puppets new life, this is not difficult to learn. All it takes is a lot of practice and commitment,…

Weekly Puppetry News Round-Ups Replies 23

Posted by Andrew on Sep 22, 2013

Hi everyone!Since the summer every weekend I have been doing "round-ups" of the week's puppetry news, events, call for entry (opportunities to perform at festivals and slam) and…

Another Important Message! Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Jul 31, 2013

I really do love these videos!

Puppet pattern Replies 21

Posted by gompie on Jul 28, 2013

Generic Professional Puppets  I don't know if you know this video but I found it today on the internet. This creative guy has a lot of great video's

School of Puppetry is officially dead Replies 22

Posted by Na on Jul 26, 2013

More info here: anyone is interested in adopting the site, please let me know. I'm…

George R. Zombieman Interview Replies 2

Posted by PoorFishy on Jul 22, 2013

Hey folks,Here in the Greater Toronto Area we have a guy who travels to various cons, toy shows and other geek/pop culture events, and conducts interesting and amusing interviews.  His name is…

Work less, Earn more and live a happier life Replies 1

Posted by Jungle joe on Jul 11, 2013

Hi folks, are you worried about your income and retirement policy? do you want to work less, earn more and live a happier life? do you want to add a new dimension to your performance business and be…

New puppet music video - Backslider Blues (Christian) Replies 1

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Jul 10, 2013

I got another music video with a song I wrote.  I hope you like it!  It's done a little better than the last one.Backslider Blues (Christian)

New customizable puppets project on Kickstarter Replies 3

Posted by johnnycoffins on Jul 08, 2013

My name is Johnny Coffins and I am the founder of Sack Puppets-customizable a sack! We just launched a new Kickstarter project in hopes of introducing fans of puppets and puppeteering to…

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