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Costume Sale Replies 0

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jun 14, 2011

Hey everyone.  I thought I'd pass this on to everyone.  This is from the owner of The Gorilla Factory.  I have seen some of their costumes and they are very high quality.  If…

Looking for alternative stage Replies 10

Posted by Puppadorach on Jun 08, 2011

I've been using a stage like this for the last three yearsIt takes about 15/20 minutes to put together.I'm looking for a faster alternative. Has anyone got any suggestions? It must be very…

Storage Solutions Replies 28

Posted by MaJiC on Mar 10, 2011

As I'm building my puppet empire, I am wondering about storage for puppet building materials as well as the puppets themselves. I know that puppet stands are out there but I just don't have…

Sewing patterns for juggling balls Replies 7

Posted by mindfulloffire on Feb 28, 2011

could be used to shape foam or fabric for puppets.  If you're like me and still a bit confused about how to shape foam this may be a good place to…

Recalled car seats. Replies 20

Posted by mindfulloffire on Feb 27, 2011

So I've recently discovered the wonderful resources reclaimed from recalled car seats.  We just found out that all car seats that have the pull down bar have been recalled, we had one in our…

Looking for plastic rings Replies 3

Posted by K. Henderson on Feb 19, 2011

I'm trying to find the plastic rings used for the mouth manipulation in the "talking" marionettes

Mask and Mascots Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 08, 2011

I thought I would start a thread on very talented mask or mascot makers. Please add them here.

Community Television Resource Replies 2

Posted by Henry on Dec 29, 2010

Hi Puppet and Stuff friends,Recently I finished a children's TV show called Story Time which is currently airing on community TV here in Australia. A friend of mine said why stop at Australia and…

Antron in Stock Replies 1

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Oct 25, 2010

White Antron is now in stock, while supplies last.Special:Purchase 3 or more yards of Carmel Antron Sale $15.25 (reg. price $17.25) and receive .75 cents off per yard on your purchase of White Antron…

Project Puppet - Sizes Replies 25

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Aug 09, 2010

I was wondering from those of you who have used the patterns from Project Puppet, could you tell me the height of the puppets from top of head (no hair or hat) to the bottom of body?I'm familiar…

Puppet Mart has Antron! Replies 12

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jun 19, 2010

Matt,     I see that you're back open and you have ANTRON!!!!! YEAH!  Good selection of eyes, doll joints etc.  Glad to see you back open. …

Camel/Pumpkin/Gold Antron Avaliable Replies 1

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jun 16, 2010

Hey everyone.  I wanted to let you know that the Camel (what I'm calling it) or Pumpkin Gold (GA stage name) is available from GA Stage.  They have about 200 yds in…

Looking for a professional FREE script writting program? Replies 3

Posted by Paul Santellana on Aug 07, 2009

I have to say that this has made writting puppet scripts extremely easy. It's perfect for anything from stage plays to full blown movie's. There are so many things in it that make it fast,…

Looking for eyes Replies 25

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jul 17, 2009

Hey everyone.  I am looking for the blue eyes in the attached photo.  These are from Michele at Puppet Planet, but I have been unable to reach her and it's no longer possible to purchase…

World of Dollhouse Miniatures Replies 4

Posted by Nikole H. on Jul 03, 2009

I am a miniature enthusiast and I find that the lines between puppetry and miniatures/dolls gets a little grey.  Meaning, they share so many things.  As I was putting together a backdrop for…

Help! Need a boot pattern Replies 18

Posted by Sonny on Apr 29, 2009

Hey Gang,I have been looking for a childs boot pattern and have been coming up empty.If anyone knows or has one they can share I would be very happy.Thanks!Sonny 

Wire reference Gude Replies 4

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 16, 2008

We were discussing in one of Jays tutorials about armature wire used to make moveable puppet hands and what size should one buy. I generally use 18-20 gauge wire. I have put together a Pdf file with a…

Frappr Map of Puppeteers Replies 6

Posted by Andrew on May 30, 2006

I thought this would be a good time to remind everybody here that there is a Frappr Map of puppeteers available...its goal is to build the most comprehensive map of puppeteers worldwide possible. At…

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