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Quality Control Replies 6

Posted by Lizzies Lair on May 12, 2012

Hi P&Sians,This may be a ridiculous question but I'm going to pose it anyway...  I am relatively new to the puppet building scene having always been a cloth doll maker. Whilst I…

Feathers Replies 1

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on May 08, 2012

I got a email from this company who custom dye feathers. Thought I would share.

Dr Who fans. Replies 6

Posted by Shawn on Apr 29, 2012

Since I know we have some Dr. Who fans I thought I would share this YouTube find. Even if you are not a Dr. Who fan you have to admit it is impressive.  If you check out the guys page on YouTube…

You tube downloader Replies 13

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 28, 2012

I recently downloaded this and tried it. I have not worked out the kinks yet but you just type in the you tube URL and save it to the format you want. I save it to Windows media player but It does not…

Hoarding buried alive (overtaken by puppets) Replies 10

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 26, 2012

Hoarding: Buried AliveOvertaken by PuppetsTV-PG, CCSeason 3 episode 8Once a professional ventriloquist, Donna's career has since turned into an obsession with hundreds of puppets in her home and…

Just entered deviant art- anybody else in there? Replies 12

Posted by Rikka on Apr 19, 2012

Hi folks, I just thought I'd give it a try and joined . For me it fits pretty good with P&S. I'd like to know if anybody else is there, too?

Question about gallery comments Replies 5

Posted by Angel in Tx on Apr 17, 2012

If you comment on a gallery picture is the person who owns the gallery notified?  Or should we start a thread with the picture hoping the person who owns the gallery will see it?  I see the…

Being Elmo Replies 4

Posted by Angel in Tx on Apr 10, 2012

I just watched "Being Elmo" on Netflix and I cried at Jim Henson's memorial service. But it was an amazing film, I remember thinking and doing a lot of the things Kevin Clash did as a…

Puppet ad campaign Replies 9

Posted by Joel on Apr 08, 2012

I was googling "puppet breasts". WOW!  That sounds really bad now that I typed it out.  Anyway... I came across this page about the Go Daddy puppet ad campaign. I didn't see it…

Sewing machine problem! Replies 9

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Mar 26, 2012

Has anyone had any experience with a Singer stylist sewing machine model#7258'm trying to fix this machine for my sister. It has a error code C4…

What makes makes a person a real Puppetry? Replies 2

Posted by squirrely on Mar 24, 2012

I've made my first puppet-Zig and other small puppets.  You can't see them because p and s and my webcam won't work together.  I've made two scripts already too.  But…

Going Big! Replies 11

Posted by Shawn on Mar 23, 2012

While this is not puppetry it is pretty amazing. I'm not a big fan of opera but they are normally pretty impressive when it comes to staging and costumes.  This company takes things way over…

Upcoming Workshop Replies 0

Posted by MsPuppet on Mar 21, 2012

16th annual Children's Ministry Workshop April 27 & 28.  Puppets and more at this workshop.  Check the web site at for more info.

The Institute for Ridiculous Science Replies 7

Posted by JFP on Mar 19, 2012

Hi All!!Wanted to tell you about some fun, unique work that my friends Jeff and Megan are doing.Their creation "The Institute of Ridiculous Science" has short funny videos featuring Fleege…

Looking for a post Replies 2

Posted by MsPuppet on Mar 04, 2012

I know we discussed a class that was(I think) from I-fest 09 .  It was a bunch of puppet heads with hats.  I cannot find the posts or pictures.  Does anyone remember that and can you…

Here's my disater first puppet-zig! Replies 2

Posted by squirrely on Mar 04, 2012

From help from Grandma sewing it.  Couldn't get arms back after unfolden because she put cotton in them.  My mistake.…

Sunday inspiration Replies 5

Posted by Na on Mar 04, 2012

I found some pics of some awesome things recently on the net, and thought I'd share. I also hope other people share pics on this thread of stuff they've found/seen... like a sort of weekly…

Be a puppetry? Replies 6

Posted by squirrely on Mar 02, 2012

First I want to say-should I be a puppetry.  I know I write children stories. I could so them for my puppet/puppets.  I have not been published at I.  But all these years, it's…

Here's the question that's been on my puppet head. Replies 11

Posted by squirrely on Feb 29, 2012

Once you're ready to do a puppet skit, show, or whatever?  Where to you go?  Once I am ready...which will be???  I am thinking of doing a puppet show downtown in a park.  That…

Man or Muppet Tv alert Replies 5

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 26, 2012

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