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What are your favorite puppet shows on Youtube? Replies 0

Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 07, 2019

We recently started a Youtube show with puppets and I'm curious about other shows that people like to watch. It's really hard to find puppet shows on Youtube because when I do a search I…

Vent Haven ConVENTion 2019 Replies 0

Posted by Franklin on Jul 11, 2019

ANYONE ELSE FROM HERE, GOING? This is my first year to go. Kind of bummed that Jeff Dunham will be doing his lecture by live video feed instead of in person, but the event is going to be awesome.…

23 x BBC puppets up for auction at Astons Replies 2

Posted by MUPPET1978 on Apr 20, 2019

Newb having issue manipulating puppet jaw Replies 5

Posted by grampy on Mar 18, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Dave. Husband, father, grandfather and professional videographer. Recently my 4 year old grandaughter expressed interest in making videos and I quickly figured out that “we”…

Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? Replies 1

Posted by Tioh on Dec 21, 2018

Is anybody else making puppet photo cards for Christmas? Here's mine for this year:

Puppetry design assistance Replies 6

Posted by originalazrael on Nov 13, 2018

Greetings all! I recently started LARPing, (Live Action Role-Playing), and I decided to build a couple of puppets for me and someone else. So the first one is an Ent character (treefolk). The idea of…

Character development Replies 4

Posted by Franklin on Jul 28, 2018

Recently did a blog post ( developing characters. This was more geared toward puppet team builders, but it got me to thinking:As a puppet…

shadow puppetry: how to make a bird fly? Replies 3

Posted by Heidi on May 06, 2018

Hey there! I'm having trouble making a paper shadow puppet bird fly. Dangling it from a thread makes it spin in un-bird-like ways. Weighting it makes it drop fast and move very un-bird-like.…

Puppet Stands Replies 7

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 23, 2018

 I have a very limited storage space for my puppets as you can see.I've ordered 6 new puppets which will arrive next month. Currently I'm using microphone stands to 'store' my…

Been ages since I've been on whats everyone up to? Replies 6

Posted by DrPuppet on Apr 02, 2018

Been ages since I've been here I am sorry to say. So whats everyone up to? What cool things have you been making!

New Website! Replies 3

Posted by Franklin on Apr 01, 2018

Labor of Love part 1 in the can! Finally got my website up and now let the branding begin. FYI before hand should anyone want to check it out, it's not entirely complete, a lot of temp videos…

Nutty Puppets Replies 6

Posted by thercman on Mar 23, 2018

Hey everyone!So I am new to puppetry and have been working on building my own with some success. In the mean time however, I would like to purchase one to use for a YouTube channel that I am working…

Hiring a Puppetry Instructor for Buck's Rock Camp Summer 2018 Replies 0

Posted by Richsieg on Mar 15, 2018

For the past two summers, my son Max has attended Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp. The person that was the puppetry counselor last summer dropped out and now they are trying to find…

Dwiggins Book Replies 0

Posted by Steve C on Mar 06, 2018

I was wondering if anyone knows which Dwiggins book contains all of the diagrams and patterns for marionettes and controls. For the life of me I can't recall which one it was. Any help will be…

Puppetry in therapy Replies 5

Posted by Floydaroo on Feb 12, 2018

I know it’s weird, but does anyone have any sources for the usage of puppets in kids therapy. I am doing a research project and need some sources thanks! FloydJoshinshaker.Com

Hello! New Member Looking for Help To Study String Puppetry in Prague! Replies 1

Posted by StringPuppetGuy on Jan 04, 2018

Hello, everyone! I'm a new member on these forums. Since 2011 I've wanted to attend the Puppets in Prague workshop but always put it on hold. In 2017, I couldn't off on it anymore. I…

Puppets in Prague Workshop GoFundMe Replies 5

Posted by StringPuppetGuy on Jan 03, 2018

Hello! I'm an upstart puppet maker venturing out on my own and I'm looking to better hone my skills at the workshop in Prague. I submitted my entries and was accepted, but recently I was…

The need to reblend seams over time Replies 2

Posted by Ryan Weaver on Dec 11, 2017

I use blizzard fleece and the henson stitch on most of my puppets and I've noticed that even though I can pick at the seams to blend them and make them invisible that over time they become…

What did they use? Replies 8

Posted by Yurifica on Nov 16, 2017

Very new to this place, wasn't sure if i ask this question under the area where you discuss your own puppet making process, or maybe the behind the stage one since it discusses what goes into…

Mackinnon & Saunders Replies 2

Posted by WearPuppets on Jun 30, 2017

Hi guys,I stumbled across this interview earlier with Peter Saunders of Mackinnon & Saunders, the Manchester firm which has made puppets for the likes of Bob the Builder, Postman Pat and the one,…

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