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Best colour choice for Cookie Monster? Replies 10

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Sep 27, 2014

Hi All, Im about to embark on a replica adventure. My husband is obsessed with Cookie Monster and has begged me for years to make one. Well I have decided after much deliberation to make one. Im just…

Puppets for sale. New to the site Replies 1

Posted by 2DayWithPatrickJ on Sep 24, 2014

I have a few puppets on Etsy that I created! Feel free to share and buy them up. At the moment I have a unicorn, dragon, and Vegeta from DBZ. I am will be filling it with more very shortly. If this…

Real Battle Replies 27

Posted by Allan McConnell on Sep 12, 2014

  It has been a real frustrating road to just try to build my own puppet here on Norfolk Island, but I am persevering with it and will continue on I have been trying to find educational…

New Puppet Blog Replies 3

Posted by kirstycrrr on Aug 31, 2014

Hello all,I've just started a new puppet blog and I'm hoping to post a new blog each month showing how I've made something puppety.I just posted my second topic. Find it here…

John Blundell 1936-2014 Replies 1

Posted by C16thFoxe on Aug 20, 2014

John Blundell, master carver and puppeteer whose resume includes any number of memorable characters who starred in Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5, Stingray and the cult classic, Thunderbirds, died…

Frankenstein: The Puppet Opera Replies 5

Posted by Chris Arveson on Aug 17, 2014

I haven't even lurked here for far too long. There has been no opportunity for me to be involved with puppetry for about four years, and who knows when I'll be able to get back to it.…

Recycled Pringles Tube Puppet Replies 12

Posted by kirstycrrr on Aug 08, 2014

I recently finished a pringles tube puppet.I knitted the body - basically a sock with a giant button hole and an extra flap for the underbite.cut a wedge shape out of one side of the pringles tube,…

Kinetic creatures Replies 2

Posted by Na on Aug 05, 2014

Old, but good:Cardboard models of animals that are motorised and can move by themselves. Quite puppet-like, and thought you all would enjoy the video!

Freelancers Union Replies 1

Posted by Shawn on Aug 01, 2014

I actually saw a note about this over at Puppet Hub awhile back and thought it might be worth sharing here.  This is only in the US but it is possible there are things in other countries also.The…

Please help. Looking for a long-lost VHS of 'The Nutcracker' w/ marionettes. Replies 6

Posted by frankiefrankie on Jul 31, 2014

Hi all,I signed up for an account just to make this topic and hopefully get some new leads. I'm 26 years old and there's a VHS I used to watch as a kid (this would be 1997 or earlier), with…

new web page Replies 15

Posted by titere on Jul 31, 2014

Hello all. Some of you know me here, because I have made puppets drawings, logos, or even paper dolls of some puppet characters.    Well, I have made a simple website, with a sample of my…

marionette controller Replies 14

Posted by guinness59 on Jul 26, 2014

I was wondering if any one here knows what this type controller is and how it is used. Thanks for looking.

Create a Dark Crystal Creature - Contest! Replies 16

Posted by Shawn on Jul 09, 2014

Ever wanted to create your own Dark Crystal creature. Now is the time! Henson studios is holding a contest.

Supporting young puppeteers. Help! Replies 2

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Jun 19, 2014

Hi Everyone, I quite often get contacted by young aspiring puppeteers, filmmakers and entertainers. Who have these great plans and ideas and who want to have me build them puppets for virtually free…

Internal Quality Replies 15

Posted by Rhoady on Jun 19, 2014

I have no clue how to word my question appropriately so forgive the most likely poor use of terms and possible rambling.Lately I've been wanting to get back into selling again for various…

Seeking Puppet Making Supplies - AUSTRALIA Replies 6

Posted by johnstonjoanne0 on Jun 12, 2014

Any Australian artists out there?? I am haveing a lot of trouble consistantly finding Foam that I need, does anyone have or no of a good supplier?

Google honours Australian puppeteer Replies 3

Posted by Na on May 29, 2014

Today's google image for Australian searches ( honours Norman Hetherington, a local puppeteer. Not sure how to link to the image but it can be seen via this news…

Building on the Go Replies 10

Posted by Rhoady on May 08, 2014

So I just came back from a lengthy trip to spend time with family and looking at my calendar realized my wife has our summer booked(she is a teacher so apparently wants to enjoy her summer off). On…

What actually happens with dennis Replies 1

Posted by boostergold on May 01, 2014

Ok I recently managed to get one of my puppets back from my old team (long story) and I have the original puppeteer working with me so we decided to make a short little video for our face book page…

Star Trek puppets I made for wedding present Replies 10

Posted by DrPuppet on Apr 25, 2014

I made these for a wedding present I thought they turned out rather well. The costumes and the decals are all handmade I created a pattern from the original costume.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I467 using…

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